You Don’t Need to Connect Apple Watch with iPhone for These Features

sport band for Apple Watch

Got an Apple Watch? When you pair it to your iPhone, you get more features and functionalities to access. However, the watch wrapped around your wrist with a sport band for Apple Watch can do a lot on its own. You can pair the watch and the iPhone via Bluetooth. Your iPhone must be nearby if you want to use features such as receiving messages and notifications. However, this is also true that you don’t need your iPhone to access a few features and functionalities on the watch. 

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Playing Music 

You don’t need to pair it with your iPhone to stream music from Spotify. Just pair the watch with Bluetooth headphones and enjoy. To play music, launch the Music app and select Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch is the source. Scroll down and you will find Now Playing, Playlists or My Music. Select and enjoy your favourite songs. The watch allows you to keep one playlist at a time. You need to sync a playlist. Make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to the charger. Turn Bluetooth on on your iPhone and take the following steps. 

  • Launch the Watch app     
  • Select My Watch 
  • Choose Music 
  • Synced Playlist

Now, select a playlist to sync. 

Alarm and Time Features 

Setting alarms does not require you to connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone. You can also use other features like stopwatch and timer. Your Apple Watch requires no assistance from your iPhone to function as a watch. 

Tracking Daily Movement 

You can see up-to-date activity data on the display of your watch without pairing it with the iPhone. The smartwatch has the Activity app as a refresher to display your progress in exercise goals and daily movement. You can use this to track calories. The Activity app also suggests daily goals. It displays the basic stats about exercise and movement. However, if you pair the watch with the smartphone, the app can provide you with more information. For example, you can see the daily stats of the month. 

You don’t need to depend on your iPhone to access the Apple watch’s app. You can get speed, pace, calories, elapsed time and other real-time stats from this app. This feature set is very useful. 

Display Photos 

If you have synced a photo album using the Photos app, you don’t need your iPhone nearby to access the photo album. 

Wi-Fi Networks 

Here is an important thing you need to note. If you have previously connected your watch to a Wi-Fi network using a paired iPhone, you can connect to that Wi-Fi network again without pairing with your iPhone. Connecting just the Apple Watch allows you to access features like receiving and making phone calls, receiving and sending messages, and using Siri. 

What if it is a cellular-enabled Apple Watch? If you are using Series 3 or later, you can also make a cellular connection in addition to making a Wi-Fi connection. However, you cannot use this feature without having a compatible data plan for the iPhone. You can do the following on your cellular-enabled Apple Watch: 

  • Stream podcasts and music 
  • Use Walkie-Talkie 
  • Make calls 
  • Check notifications 
  • Reply to messages         

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