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Why Vaping CBD is Most Effective and Which of the Vape Pens for Sale you should Get!

Why Vaping CBD is Most Effective and Which of the Vape Pens for Sale you should Get!

There are many ways of consuming CBD, but the most effective is vaping. In this post, I will explain why vaping CBD is so good which is my favourite of all the vape pens for sale in the UK. 

1. High bioavailability: as said, vaping is the most effective way to take CBD this is because the highest concentration of CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream in the quickest time via your lungs. This makes it the best delivery format if you need to take CBD as a quick way to counteract a symptom like a panic attack. So, whereas a CBD edible may take up to an hour to work, with vaping the effects are almost instantaneous

2. Healthier than smoking! In 2018, Public Health England published a report saying that based on the available evidence “vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking, at least 95% less harmful”. This is why so many people are shifting over to vaping as an alternative to smoking, as a healthier option, but a similar experience with comparable flavour profiles 

3. Less odor / smell: vaping CBD still produces a smell, but it is far less pungent than smoking a joint or blunt. This means you can vape inside without risk of your third-hand smoke leaving a smell on all your interior furnishings. Moreover, when you are not vaping and you are just carrying your cannabis vape pen about the UK, no one will be able to smell anything until you actually vape it. Unlike a bag of weed or a joint. 

4. More discreet, convenient and portable: especially if you are using a cannabis vape pen in the UK, these devices are especially discreet and so easy to have on hand for whenever you need a quick puff. There are a number of great vape pens for sale that are super sleek and lightweight that do not feel like you are carrying a mini computer around with you. 

Which of the vape pens for sale should you get? 

When we say vape pen this is what we mean by a cannabis vape pen in the UK – as in, a device that looks like a pen but is powerful enough to heat up thicker oils or extracts. What do I mean by this? Well, there are two main types of CBD vape liquid that you can vape – CBD vape oil and CBD e liquid. CBD e liquid is a more diluted formula and so less viscous so it can use a similar vaping device you would use for any other vape juice. CBD vape oil is a lot more concentrated (and strong!) and so much thicker. It requires a more powerful device to heat it up – often called a cannabis vape pen. Whilst, you can get cheap vape pens in the UK that come with pre-filled cartridges of CBD e liquid, good, reusable vape pens tend to be made for CBD vape oil and will be a bit more expensive. 

My go to vape pen over here is from Paso. It is high quality, powerful, easy to use, but also looks fantastic. In fact, it’s variable voltage means you can vape both CBD e liquids and CBD vape oil depending on your taste buds.