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Why Is User-Generated Content So Important?

User-Generated Content

I am sure you may have already heard of user-generated content or UGC a lot many times and have seen many of your competitors have working on UGC in their marketing strategies. 

Are you also planning to explore the universe of UGC and want to make it a part of your brand promotional activities? 

Let’s dive into the User-generated content and why it is so important for your brand. 

But first thing first, let’s have a chat about what is user-generated content and how you can use it?

What Is UGC or User-Generated Content?

User-generated content is like any other type of content available on online platforms, but the only difference is it is created by the user or customers by ownself, without any external force. 

As the name suggests, user-generated content is generated by the users featuring brand or business with their own will. 

It can be in the form of images, texts, comments, reviews, videos, audios, or any other type of content published on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. 

User-generated content can be said as without any professional content creation team, innovative ideas, sponsoring, or spending single penny, brands and businesses receive plethora of content that is automatically doing effective marketing for brands and businesses. 

Marketers found user-generated content perfect to integrate in their marketing strategies and use it to promote their brand. 

Not because it is freely available, marketers find this type of content much more powerful than branded content due to various factors. Continue reading, we will discuss the importance of UGC and why marketers should practice strategizing their marketing efforts.  

Importance of User-Generated Content

Customer or user created content is the great way to enhance authenticity, trust and credibility of a brand in front of an audience that eventually results in more conversions and long term relationship with the audience. 

Here below are the major benefits of implementing User-generated content for your business promotional activities:

Develop Trust

When a new customer sees existing customer reviews and what their experience with the product and service of a brand is, they are more likely to trust on customers content instead of brand created professional content. 

Every customer knows that the brand praises their content and represents their product as the best product in the world with their content to stand out from their competitors.

However, customers believe what existing or old customers say about the product and how much it is useful to them. They find customers created content real and trustworthy instead of brand created content.    

Build Authenticity

User-generated content sounds effective and more authentic to customers than branded content. UGC is real and everyone knows that UGC is genuine content created by customers to share their experience with their friends and followers. 

Displaying user-generated content on your website increases the authenticity of the brand, and why wouldn’t it be, as UGC is the real-life experience of users. 

Humanize Brand

What!! You may probably be thinking, how can a brand be humanized? But Yes, with user-generated  content it has been possible to give a human element to a brand and create a direct relationship with customers.

As UGC is created by the humans themselves, it gives a human-factor to content with lots of emotions and feelings of customers. 

If you include user-generated content in your brand promotions, your audience will respond more and connect with your brand effectively.  

Reach Wider Audience

As user-generated content is published on social media platforms and shared by users on their social media account, it reaches an audience that is not even in the list of brands. 

User-generated content acts as the word mouth of marketing and reaches to everyone who are in followers list of users and sometimes even shared by the followers to their dear ones. 

Influence Audience

More than 90% of customers find user-generated content trustworthy and get influence with what old customers say about the product. 

User-generated content sets an impression of the brand in the mind of the audience, whether they already know about your brand or absolutely new audience, have zero clue about your brand. 

Drive Purchase Results

As customer-created content is trustworthy, authentic, builds credibility, humanizes, and influences people, it assists them to make purchase decisions and boost people to buy products or services. 

New customers want to buy the same product that existing customers are talking about and obtain similar experience. 

Increase Dwell Time

When displaying user-generated content on a website or any digital platform where your customers interact with you, it will increase time duration users spend on your website. 

Visitors will receive the same experience like a social media platform and like to engage with users’ created content and explore what they are saying. 

Yet, UGC Is Unique and Powerful Content

With all these benefits of user-generated content, a great importance of UGC has arrived in the marketing aspect of brands and businesses. 

Every brand wants to develop trust, authenticity, customer engagement, and drive more sales. In this growing competitive landscape, UGC has become for every brand and marketers are responsible to foster it in brand promotional activities. 

UGC has proven to be powerful and it is unique to every brand as user’s create content that is specific to their brand. 

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