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Why Do Brands Use Retail Packaging Supplies

custom retail packaging supplies

The demand for wholesale retail packaging supplies is increasing day by day with all the brands across the marketplace that are all set to make a difference in the custom retail packaging supplies. Retail packaging is also known as shelf-ready packaging and refers to the self-contained secondary packaging which is very well optimized for the display and stocking at the club stores or big boxes. If properly designed, the RRP’s can hold individually various packaged products that will eliminate the need for stores that employees unpack and display individually on the shelves. The supply chain can easily improve with the chain efficiencies in these product packaging supplies, leading to better sales growth. 

Why You Must Use Retail-Ready Packaging? 

Operational costs come in various sizes and shapes. This is why the retailers always try to find out the ways to trim it down whenever it’s possible. In the past years, retailers have started catching up on the area where the operational costs can be reduced significantly due to the reduced labor. Most of the time, 25% of the cost is related to labor and it includes finding products in the stock and by disposing and displaying the leftover packaging. 

Being able to directly take the product from truck to the shelf eliminates all the needs to unpack various individual items. On the whole, it saves time and the money on the labor costs. Retailers also enjoy the RRP because it leads to cleaner stores for the customers with very few gaps on the shelves. It can trigger impulse purchases in the customers. However, you must make no mistake as RRP must not benefit the retailers. The simplified transition process starts from the warehouse and then leads to a shelf which means better in-stock availability for the retailers and the suppliers. Using RRP is helpful for the suppliers positioning and also provides visibility to the store level. This increases the chances of sales. On the consumer side, RRP helps in making the shelf towards the shopping cart transition to enhance various shopping experiences. The custom retail packaging supplies is definitely of great help to the customers and the retailers. 

Features of An Efficient Retail Packaging 

Retail giants like Costco, Walmart, Kroger, and others have established their own RRP guidelines for the various suppliers to help them standardize the shelves. It is all that follows similar principles for retail packaging and supplies. The five common essentials for it are – 

  • Easy Identification – This is done in order to make the product easy to find on the shelf as well as the warehouse. The front panel of the same must provide a clear text with all the graphic information like the product name, branding and others. Easy to open up – This must be something that’s an easy to open up store without any need for additional tools like knives, box cutters, and other things. It will typically feature very clear options for the customers and will easily tear off in order to allow the withstand of the transport and various supply chain processes. This will not change any product from the inside as the change will only be in the process. 
  • Easy Stocking – The stocking and merchandise can be time-consuming and labor-intensive processes. Thus, it’s designed to be easy and stock onto the shelves as it helps in minimizing the time as well as the physical efforts of the store employees. 
  • Easy Disposable – The breakdown and disposal of RRP must require a minimal amount of storage space and time. It must also be reusable and recyclable to minimize packaging waste. 
  • Easy Shopping – Once the consumer has found the product they want, they must be removed easily from the RRP and placed back without any difficulty. The packaging design is something that must be clearly labeled with the product information like the expiration dates and the allergies. 

On the whole, this will help you in making the shopping experience better and straightforward for the customers. Always go for the product packaging supplies that benefit you in the best possible manner. 

Happy Retail Packaging!