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What’s Trending On Social Media? 8 Free Resources For Finding The Latest Hap

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Social networking is changing society. It has affected the way we humans interact with each other and with the world around us. Social networking sites have become a leading source of information on varying subjects and have gained the potential to sway mass opinion. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are a melting pot of different perspectives, a hub of verified & unverified information, and a medium of connecting with a wide variety of audiences. 

From online assignment help services to giant retail chains, certain inherent factors make social media such powerful societal influencers. Key factors are: 

  • The All Pervasiveness of the Internet
  • Global Reach, Extensive Market Penetration and Widespread Popularity
  • Instantaneous Feedback 
  • Easy Integration & Accessibility 
  • Support of Varying Content Types
  • Ease of usage
  • The RDR Cycle (Real to Digital to Real)

The above are some of the biggest reasons why the biggest social media platforms out there can affect & steer public points of view better than the most prominent news outlets. 

Marketers, promoters, and publicists scour the Web looking for the most happening topics trending across the biggest social media platforms.

8 Best Places To Learn About Trending Social Media Topics For Free

Their popularity, easy accessibility, and all-pervasive nature allow social networking sites to exert a substantial amount of control on the kind of content & the topics that Web users will be exposed to. They have become the go-to places to find trending content for one & all, from essay writers to digital marketers.

For anyone looking to craft content that engages & connects seamlessly with a targeted audience, learning the latest trends on the Web is vital. It’s essential for every digital marketing format, allowing marketers to stay updated with the latest happenings and know what media will click the best.

Many websites offer the latest insights on trendy social media topics across different platforms, absolutely for free. Here are eight such handy resources.

  • SproutSocial

One of the most popular websites to gain in-depth insights about the social media industry, SproutSocial is an excellent free resource for every marketing professional out there. 

The company is a dedicated data analytics platform, offers a myriad of solutions for businesses & enterprises across different industries and provides several free resources for everyone. A diverse team of talented & creative individuals conduct dedicated research and publish blogs & articles on the latest trends in the social media industry. 


Head over to SproutSocial and search for the latest trending social media topics. You will come across:

  1. Top Social Media Trends For Writers & Marketers;
  2. Blogs on the Happening Hashtags;
  3. Up & Coming Content Strategies and Engaging Ideas
  4. Social Media Engagement;
  5. Accurate Market Predictions;
  6. Enriched Insights From Detailed Social Media Data Analyses;
  • BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a rising behemoth in the digital media industry. The company has quickly risen to become a leader in delivering quality online journalism to the masses. BuzzFeed leverages data from important news & information outlets across the Web and provides the latest info about the trends taking social networking by storm.

 Pay a quick visit to the page and search for trending social media topics to get access to:

  1. Social media topics trending worldwide such as Instagram & Twitter hashtags, the most popular TikTok videos, Instagram posts, etc.
  2. Well researched blogs & articles on shopping, TV & Movies, News,
  3. Guides, Tutorials, Quizzes, and Videos on buzzing subjects across the Web;
  • BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a convenient tool for finding any trending content on the web and social networking platforms.

A quick look at the website reveals content & topics that are engaging & trending across the digital world. BuzzsSumo is probably one of the handiest places to gather information about trending topics. Here’s why.

  1. The website assigns a ‘trending score’ to every content, depending on how fast it has been shared on social networks;
  2. BuzzSumo also displays the amount of engagement a content or a subject is attracting on various social media platforms; 
  3. The website delivers valuable content insights based on copious data analytics, thorough research, and careful monitoring;


  • SocialMediaToday

A popular platform that performs dedicated analyses on the latest happenings in social media, Social MediaToday is a publication offshoot run by 

The website publication possesses native editorial teams offering world-class business journalism and holistic advertising assistance. The company conducts in-depth research on the most happening stories, content, and subjects across every major social networking platform.  

A quick search for the social media trends on the website will have the website display:

  1. the latest news about the social media industry;
  2. strategies & techniques employed by industry experts to spread brand awareness;
  3. an in-depth look at the current social media marketing strategies adopted by the biggest players in the business;
  4. a list of all the latest developments and every change affecting the industry, from lawsuits & petitions to the latest releases & alterations.
  • Facebook IQ

The world’s most popular social networking platform offers a dedicated platform for businesses. A vital constituent of that service is Facebook IQ Hot Topics.


The platform or tool allows businesses & marketers to explore and learn about the posts, news, and topics, taking Facebook by storm. FB Hot Topics is a free resource that boasts of the following exceptional features.

  1. Ranks trending topics by platform, country, and date;
  2. Allows viewing of insights concerning several parameters such as volume, age, gender, etc.
  3. Offers the option to view topics on several categories;
  4. Curated issues based on points of discussion on Facebook & Instagram
  5. Hot Topics are chosen based on the total number of posts on a particular subject; 
  • Reddit

Touted by users as ‘the front page of the Internet,’ Redditt is a social forum and virtual community accessible to all. The platform hosts discussions, user-generated content, and aggregates news on almost every subject under the sun.  Redditt users submit different kinds of content and create various boards called ‘subreddits,’ which cover the latest topics such as politics, science, technology, movies, video games, music. 


The r/Trending and the r/Popular subreddits are the places to go looking for the most trending topics on the Internet and around the world. The site’s features make it an excellent source of learning what’s trending.

  1. Moderating teams go through every content on the subreddits and make sure that they are based on the latest trends doing the rounds;
  2. Users post happening content from other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  3. Reddit’s voting system ensures that only the most shared & liked content & topics are at the front of the page;
  • YouTube

The world’s largest video sharing platform is also the second-biggest social media platform. The YouTube user community shares comments & likes video content based on their current relevance & quality, making them surface as the most trending content online. The music dedicated platform contains a large pool of songs and this medium is so popular that developers have created many format converter apps. These apps convert a video on  YouTube to MP3 file.

  1. YouTube has a dedicated Trending tab to help uses find what’s happening on the site & around the world.
  2. Trending videos are chosen based on their release date, popularity, engagement, and reactions.
  3. The list of trending videos is not personalized, allowing viewers to watch anything that goes viral from any corner of the world. 


YouTube has recently changed the Trending tab into Explore, which allows users to explore the most popular video content on different topics and look at the biggest trending videos on the platform.

  • Twitter 

Twitter is always at the forefront of creating trends in the digital realm. Hashtags have redefined how online users encounter and engage with content, news & other kinds of information. Twitter employs a dedicated algorithm to determine what topics are emerging as the most popular on the platform & around the Web. 


Besides hashtags, Twitter trends look into keywords, shares, and upvotes to determine the most exciting trending topics of a day.

  1. The Trends section lies under the Explore tab of the page for mobile devices, and in many places such as Notifications, Search Results & the like, for desktop devices;
  2. Varying trending topics based on location, events, conversations, and timeline are available and can be sorted categorically;
  3. Every trending topic or hashtag is associated with descriptions of the number of Tweets, relevant Moments, and the people tweeting about it.

And, those were 8 of the best FREE resources for finding trending social media topics online. Here’s hoping it helps readers find acute answers to all of their queries!

Author-Bio: Clara Smith is a digital marketing professional from a major marketing & publicity firm in Kansas, the USA. Having helped many start-ups find their mojo, she also helps students learn the ropes of online marketing at, a leading global academic & essay writing service.

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