What Are The Negatives And Positives Of Being A Sports Instructor

As a sports instructor, your job is to help the athlete in developing skills and improving performance. This is why it is not an easy job. The athlete follows your instructions because he trusts you. So, you cannot give wrong instructions as this can lead to injuries to muscles and bones. Your job is to guide the athlete so that he can stay healthy. Though it is a promising career, it comes with its positives and negatives which we are going to discuss in this article. 

Stress and Pressure

Getting stressed is not unusual as you are constantly working. Athletes have busy schedules even when there is no tournament going on. As your job is to train and support the athlete during tournaments and training sessions, you are as busy as the athlete or sometimes even more. So, feeling stressed and pressured is a part of your job. 

Travels and Schedules 

You travel with the athletes to sporting events, stadiums, venues and training camps. While this can give you a sense of pride as you go through the routine with your athlete, your busy schedule can affect you and your family. You have to stay away from your family for days, weeks and even months. Sometimes, you don’t even get enough time to get a good sleep.    

Injuries And Illnesses 

An athlete trusts and follows your instructions. However, if you have given wrong instruction or the athlete has misunderstood your instruction, this can cause injury or illness. This injury or illness can be career-threatening as well. Your athlete might sue you. So, you need some sort of protection against lawsuits. This is where you need sports instructor insurance.            

Appreciation and Recognition 

In addition to physical tasks, you go through emotional ups and downs just like your athlete. However, you have to control your emotions to reassure him when he is at a low point and his abilities to play are being questioned. However, your contribution is recognized and appreciated. 

Compensation and Rewards 

As it is a promising career, you can get rewards when the athlete succeeds. You have to maintain a good relationship with the athlete. When your contribution is helping the athlete in making big in the sport, this increases your reputation. 

Even when you have a healthy relationship with the athlete, you should still get sports instructor insurance. So, get and compare sports instructor insurance quotes online and secure your career now!