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What Are The Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases?

A personal injury can keep you out for many days, weeks and months. Some personal injuries can also lead to permanent disability. When the injury caused due to someone’s mistake or negligence, you deserve proper compensation. This is where an Oxnard personal injury lawyer can help you. A good lawyer can handle all types of personal injury cases including:

  1. Motor Vehicle Accident            
  2. Medical malpractice 
  3. Wrongful death
  4. Workplace accident 
  5. Premises liability 
  6. Products liability 

Motor Vehicle Accident 

Millions of people involved in motor vehicle accidents get injured each year. Some of them receive fatal injuries. Thousands of lives are lost due to accidents involving pedestrians, bike riders, motorcycles, trucks, and cars. Whether you are a pedestrian, passenger or driver, if you are injured in a motor accident, you can get monetary compensation for injuries and financial losses. However, you need a good Oxnard personal injury lawyer to protect your rights. 

Motor Vehicle Accident

Medical Malpractice

Sometimes the injury occurs due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse, hospital or some other medical professional. Medical negligence can lead to serious injury. Medical malpractice can be of different types including: 

  • Misdiagnosis 
  • Surgical errors
  • Improper treatment 
  • Pharmacy errors 
  • Medication mistakes 
  • Birth injury 
  • Failure to diagnose serious health conditions such as cancer

These are complex cases and should be left for an expert personal injury lawyer to deal with. 

Wrongful Death 

Wrongful death is death due to someone’s carelessness. You have the right to file a lawsuit to claim compensation. These deaths occur due to medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, car and truck crashes, airplane accidents, construction accidents, or use of a dangerous or defective productive. You can hire an Oxnard personal injury lawyer to determine and claim compensation. 

Workplace Accident 

Injury or death can occur in the workplace. The injured employee can initiate a personal injury claim to get proper compensation. There are laws in place to protect the rights of temporarily and permanently disabled workers. You need to hire a lawyer to determine and get compensation and cover costs related to medical bills, loss of wages, and more. 

Premises Liability 

Sometimes defective and dangerous conditions on someone’s place can cause accidents. This type of accident can occur anywhere including public or private swimming pools, your neighbor’s house, malls, and retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores or any other commercial property. Slipping on a wet floor, tripping over an obstacle, falling down a staircase with no handrails and a lot of dangerous conditions can lead to premises liability. 

Products Liability 

Using defective and dangerous products can cause injuries at work, in public places, and in the home. Improper warnings and operation manuals, dangerous drugs, foods, defective vehicle parts, medical devices, chemicals and toxic materials, children’s products, and many other consumer’s products can cause injuries and even death. A business, individual, government or any other responsible parties have to provide you with compensation. 

There are several other types of personal injuries including: 

  • Nursing home abuse 
  • Dog and animal bites 
  • Aviation and boating accidents 
  • Birth, burn, brain and spinal cord injuries