What are Some of the Essentials That Occur During a Decomposed Body Cleanup?

Decomposed Body Cleanup

Unattended deaths may be as simple as someone passing away while asleep. They may also be the result of some violent action. With either scenario, the need to clean the space once the body is discovered is obvious. What goes into the process of dealing with a decomposed body cleanup and why is it best to leave the job in the hands of professionals? Here are some basics that will help you understand what should happen and why. 

Careful Removal of the Body

Before any other action takes place, removing the body from the site must occur. The goal is to treat the body with respect even as steps are taken to contain any further spread of bodily fluids or gases. Depending on how soon the body is discovered, this can require careful and precise actions. 

Professionals know how to contain the body even if it’s in an advanced stage of decomposition. The process may take some time, depending on how fragile the body happens to be. Even so, professionals have both the patience and the expertise needed to manage the task. Once the body is no longer at the scene, the professionals can turn their attention to cleaning the site proper. 

Assessing the Condition of Furnishings

Upholstered and other pieces of furniture will need attention once the body is removed. This is not limited to any furnishings that were in direct contact with the decomposing body. It will involve a careful examination of everything in the space. 

The goal is to identify any furnishings that were exposed to gases, body fluids, or tissue. Depending on how the death occurred, this may require an intense assessment of linens, carpeting, window treatments, and other elements that were far away from the body itself. Anything that cannot be thoroughly cleaned will have to be removed from the space and destroyed. 

Close Inspection of Flooring

One aspect of a decomposed body cleanup that some people overlook is the floor. Even a hardwood floor that appears to be unaffected could be the site for some type of contamination. That’s because body fluids can quickly seep into tiny cracks in between the boards or even in nicks on the boards proper. 

The result can be that the floor seems to be fine while the sub-flooring has absorbed blood of other fluids. This creates the risk of future contamination that may harm anyone using the space. For this reason, the cleanup team will examine the flooring carefully to determine if any seepage has occurred. 

Complete Sanitizing and Deodorizing

Cleaning all remaining surfaces and elements does quite a bit, but there’s still more to be done. That includes using another round of cleaning to make sure every surface is sanitized. The team will also deploy methods designed to deodorize the space and ensure no airborne pathogens remain. Once they are done, the space will be safe for future habitation. 

Death takes a toll on those who are left behind, including those who will be responsible for cleaning the death scene. Rather than attempt to manage this alone, call in a team of experts. Finally, you’d be glad that you did. 

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