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Tips to Get More (REAL) Instagram Followers in 2021

Instagram Followers

Tips to Get More Instagram Followers- If you want to know how to succeed on Instagram and get many followers, then you have come to the right place, because in this interesting article we are going to show you everything you need to know so that you can get very far in this social network that is on everyone’s lips.

You’ll be surprised!

Insta has become one of the most engaging platforms around the world. And it is no wonder, thanks to it we can keep up with the new trends that are positioned on social networks, viral content, we have the opportunity to create, edit and publish photos and videos, and we can even do digital marketing thanks to its functionality as an image gallery. It’s really exciting!

Through this app, we can establish instant communication with millions of people around the world and publicize the content we want through our user profile. That is why, if we manage Instagram efficiently, we are going to take advantage of it to benefit and achieve.

Basic rules to succeed on Instagram 

To get off to a good start on Instagram, you must respect the golden rules that we mention below, which will help you have attractive content and you will be able to increase your followers very quickly:

Have a goal

First of all, before you start uploading a photo or video, you must make sure that you know what your goal will be with the Instagram account. If you want to be an influencer, show your image, make jokes, inform, teach recipes, art, promote a product, among many others.

You have to be clear about what you are going to do so that, in this way, you know what type of content you should upload and how. Through the examples that we present here:

  1. If you are a draftsman and want to show what you have done, it is recommended to upload videos of the drawing process and then good quality images with the final result.
  2. If you want to make delicious recipes then, uploading videos will be the ideal, because in this case, one image is not enough and the viewer will want more, and you must write the recipe in the publication.
  3. If you want to make people laugh, the content you have to post is going to depend on the type of joke you make. Example: if you are going to upload memes, the images are excellent, and if they are jokes on the street, the videos are good.
  4. If you want to publicize your image and become an Instagram model, then the best thing would be to upload photos of your face, full body, with different outfits and places, so that, in this way, you impress your followers. Uploading content to stories every day is a very attractive alternative.
  5. If your idea is to publish beautiful landscapes, then short videos of a few seconds and high resolution images will work very well. In this case, be sure to comment on the photo you post, placing the location of the place you are showing.

There is a lot of variety in the content you can publish, you just have to make an evaluation of what the public wants to see, in such a way that they are impressed with what you publish and start to follow you because they want to see more. That’s the idea!

Be constant: the stories 

If we all love something, it is to see activity in the profile of someone that interests us. Therefore, you must be active every day, if you do not want to upload photos or videos today, at least show anything in your story (breakfast, your legs in rest mode with the TV in the background, a landscape, among others) or write something for your followers using fancy font generator with some creativity. If you stay away from Instagram for many days, your followers may lose interest in you. Do not miss!

Quality above all

It is essential that the photos or videos you upload have a good resolution. Nobody wants to follow an account that uploads low-quality content, right? They will not even bother to follow you, so you should try to have good exposure to light, that what you want to show is clearly distinguished and never abuse the filters.

Public mode 

If your idea is to reach more followers, something fundamental to take into account is to keep your account in public mode. Although, we know that placing your account in private will also get followers, leaving it in public will be very helpful, because anyone can see your feed and get hooked on something in particular.

Use hashtags 

It is essential that you always comment on both the photos and the videos that you are going to upload, even if they are short sentences, but do it and in the end, use hashtags with different words. This will make many people see your content, and you can receive likes and followers.

Mentions, labels and location 

Making use of mentions and labels will undoubtedly attract people, brands and more. For each publication you make, try to mention the “X” brand, so that you attract attention and come to review your profile, because they receive notifications for each mention made to them.

If you place the location you must be careful, so try to place it whenever it is a city, but do not do it in an exact location, for security reasons. This will help people to see your photo when they search by the name of the city you entered in your post, they will see your content and if they are interested, they will follow you. It will be amazing!

Awards and contests 

A good way to motivate the public and keep them aware of your account is to incentivize with prizes through contests. Since this will depend on the content you upload, you can promote any product through interactions and tags.