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Things You Should Know Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Everyone suffers from unwanted hair and wants to get off them permanently with the safest approach. A lot of practices are introduced to overcome such concerns but lasers are the most popular ones. They can eradicate the need for daily shaving and waxing because the outcomes acquired from the lasers are enduring.

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Laser hair removal treatment is the cosmetic procedure that destroys the hair follicles through the pulse of laser light. It’s a completely non-invasive painless practice to resolve the concerns of unwanted hair from any part of the body. Before you get this, make sure that you’re a good applicant for this treatment, Discuss your health condition with the doctor. However, by reading this article you will know more about what things you should know before getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment!

Things you must know before getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are so many options to get off unwanted hairs including waxing, shaving, threading, and tweezing but lasers provide promising outcomes that last permanently. However, before undergoing any procedure, everyone is advised to understand the process completely and follow the guidelines. Therefore, there are some things you must know before acquiring Lasers:

  1. Painless practice

Many people are afraid of painful procedures, lasers are the correct option for them because it’s the completely painless technique which eradicates the annoying hair from your face and body without any side-effects and complications. However, the certified laser technicians apply numbing cream at the area where stubborn hair are existing, it will make it senseless and you won’t feel any pain, No matter what happens! 

  1. Make sure that you’re the right one

Before undergoing the procedure, discuss your medical details with the doctor so he can suggest you to get this treatment or not because lasers aren’t for everyone. Women who’re pregnant or on breastfeeding aren’t advised to get the lasers and people who suffer from pigmentation or other skin concerns should avoid getting laser hair removal treatment. Discuss it with your doctor!

  1. One session isn’t enough

The number of sessions varies from person to person due to different hair growths. After attending one sitting, hair growth of legs and arms will be destroyed but underarms, bikini area, and face would take some time. It’s advised to attend 5-6 sessions for complete comforts and ideal outcomes which last for 3-6 months. However, some individuals who have less hair growth can get enough upshots with only one session but for permanent outcomes, every session must be followed appropriately.

  1. Things to avoid

Some things must be avoided before getting Lasers. People who are willing to acquire this therapy should escape sun exposures for a few days before treatment because lasers are worst on dark skin color. Doctors advise you to stop doing waxing and threading the area where you want treatment because the root of hair should be present during laser treatment so it would be easy to detect the hair root on light skin color. Therefore, you can shave the hairy site before an ongoing laser session.

  1. Precautions

Like every procedure, lasers also have some maintenance precautions that must be followed by every patient to eradicate complications and acquire long-term comforts. Patients are highly recommended to attend post sessions regularly and avoid touching the cured area, just apply the Aloe Vera gel for better healing. However, lasers are the safest techniques. They don’t have any risky side effects but patients can feel redness, mild itching on the cured site but it’s temporary and will go away within a few days.

  1. Keep it natural

When it comes to the treatment day make sure that go natural without even applying any sunblock or moisturizer. Make your skin clean and product free, follow this precaution for the next 24 hours of treatment too.

  1. Certified-laser technicians

Lasers are usually performed by doctors who have the experience of years in performing these treatments but still, it’s highly recommended to get the laser therapy from certified board surgeons to get off risks and difficulties during treatment. 

  1. Different lasers for different skin types

Every person has a different skin type and color so one laser type isn’t enough to treat all skin types so different lasers are used for different skin types. A board-certified laser expert can suggest which laser suits you the best. However, people who have light skin tone will be needing laser of short wavelength as compared to the ones who have a dark skin tone will require the pulse of longer wavelengths. 

  1. Use prescribed products 

Once you’re done with the treatment your skin may become red and sunburned but it usually happens for the people who have extra sensitive skin. Using ice-cooling packs for this concern is the natural remedy but doctors usually advise applying topical cooling ointments and Aloe Vera gel which helps to get off these concerns permanently.

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