Things to Know About Gondola Shelving

gondola shelving

Setting up or redesigning retail stores, might make you feel a little worked up as to what shelves to buy, what lightning to use, what cabinets to put up and so on and so forth. This may delay the set-up process too.

Today let’s highlight upon the shelves that could be put up in your newly done retail space.

Among a variety of shelves available in the market, Gondola shelving is the most popular for retail stores. But why is it so that retailers prefer this so much over other shelving?  Check it out in this article!

Gondola shelving

What is a Gondola Shelving Unit?

A Gondola Shelf or Gondola Shelving Unit is a fixture that stands free, has a base which is flat, and segments made with pegboards, slatwalls, or notches, and this is how they look.

Gondola shelves have been in use since the 1950s, and are still in use because of its versatility and durability.

In Europe, Gondola shelves generally refer to the double-sided shelves in a shop.

And you know the best part of these shelves? They can easily be rearranged in case they need movement.

A Gondola Shelf and Its Characteristics

A Gondola Shelving also referred to as the pegboard style of shelving can be characterised in the following ways:

  • This shelf has a solid board or pegboard attached to it.
  • Four posts, one post in each corner of the shelf, is not required for Gondola shelving unlike other variants of shelves.
  • Apart from the solid board, all the other parts of a Gondola Shelf are made of metal.

What to Check before Ordering My Shelf?

Well, it is THE THING to find out that perfect Gondola Shelf, which solves your purpose. You should definitely look for these things before you buy the product.

  • You should measure and check the size (height, weight and breadth) of a shelf, so that it suits the space in your outlet.
  • Gondola gives you the maximum space possible, making it more effective to display your products.
  • Gondola shelves are usually available in many colours. You can, thus, choose a colour that suits your store and highlights your products the best.
  • Choose the endcaps wisely. Those are the ones which are used to glam up the shelves.

Gondola Shelving: What Are They Used For?    

If you have a constricted space in your retail outlet you must go for Gondola shelving. They not only brighten up your store but also can display numerous products at a time. No product is right or wrong to be put up on a Gondola Shelf, meaning you can put up any product on display.

These versatile, multifaceted shelves are something that every retail shop owner must swear by. They are very useful, glams up the store, and divides them too, creating aisles that make it easy for customers to move around the outlet.   

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