Things To Get When Moving In With Your Partner


Moving in with a partner is a huge step and one that can be both an exciting and daunting time for both of you. Even if you are completely committed and sure of your decision, there will always be a learning curve to adjust to once you actually move in together. Cohabitating is different than dating, and to help you manage that adjustment and to improve your relationship even further, you’ll want to get a few key items: 

Mutually Chosen Décor 

One thing that can quickly happen when moving in together is that one person’s interior design choices take over, and the home you are building together quickly starts to feel like one partner’s home that the other is living in. To avoid this and to make it feel like your space you’ll want to find and pick a few key décor or interior design choices together. Having both of your tastes reflected in your new home is key to making it feel like a home you are both living in. 

Larger Storage 

When there are two sets of wardrobes to contend with and two people’s worth of items coming into a home, you are going to need larger (and smarter) storage solutions. From getting a larger wardrobe or chest-of-drawers, to even setting up a custom closet system, there are many ways that you can more comfortably fit both of your lives into one home. 

However, for best results, decluttering before you move in together is an absolute must. Every move is a great time to declutter and remove unnecessary items from your life, but it is even more important when moving in with a partner. You want to strip your belongings to the essentials and the most loved so that you have space to grow together. 

Mutual Sex Toys 

A great moving-in gift to treat yourselves to if you haven’t already are mutual sex toys. It can be awkward to use mutual toys from previous relationships, and what worked between you and an ex won’t necessarily be a good fit for you and your current partner. If you are moving in together, you are committed, and you deserve something special to use between the two of you. The toy to get will depend on your tastes and also your needs. For same-sex couples, especially lesbians, getting a mutual toy designed by other women from can be a perfect choice. There are different options suitable for all types of couples, and a great way to choose the best one for the two of you is to discuss how you can take your sex life to the next level. 

Bonus: Things to Get Rid of When Moving Together 

When moving in together, it’s important to go through what you have and remove the duplicates. You don’t need two vacuum cleaners, for example. While sometimes the answer is more the merrier (for example, with cutlery, or plates) sometimes duplicates are excessive (food processor, slow cooker, etc). Pick the better-performing item for your home. If you have a place to store the duplicate, then know you have a backup in case the first one fails for some reason! Otherwise, sell, donate, or recycle.