The Dos and Don’ts of Dealing with Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Fire and smoke damage in your home or business can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. It is therefore important that you start your fire and smoke damage repair Las Vegas Nevada as quickly as possible. This way, you can go back to living your normal life without any effect on your finances. 

Rather than finding nearby stores to buy products for the cleanup, you can entrust this service to professional fire and smoke damage repair experts. Using the right equipment, you can count on them to handle the situation professionally. As a professional, there are steps they will take to restore your property and its belongings to their pre-existing state. 

Here are some dos and don’ts when considering fire and smoke damage repair. 


  • Safety should be the number one on your priority list. Even if the affected area looks safe and clean, you never know what lies underneath the rumbles. You should desist from entering the property unless it is considered safe to do so. If you don’t get the go ahead from the professionals handling the fire and smoke damage repair Las Vegas Nevada, then you should stay away. This is because your property’s structural integrity might have been affected or the fire can be triggered again, even after they appear to be out. 
  • Take pictures of the fire and smoke damage in the home. This will serve as evidence in the event of an insurance claim. Keep all receipts and relevant documents. Your insurance company will need some of these details to process your claims. 
  • Reach out to your insurance company immediately. They will send in an adjuster to assess the situation.
  • Hire a professional fire and smoke damage repair Las Vegas Nevada to help with the cleanup process. Fire damage cleanup and repair is not for an amateur. 
  • Restrict movement in affected areas. This will stop the unnecessary spread of soot particles to unaffected areas. 
  • Replace your furnace filters as previous ones might have been damaged and beyond repair. 
  • Weather permitting, open all windows and doors for proper ventilation.
  • Get rid of all clothing from the property. However, not all can be redeemable. The damaged ones will be disposed of safely and legally while the good ones will be cleaned by the professionals. This is not something to be handled by a local laundry shop
  • Get rid of all edibles including food and drink at the fire scene. They are contaminated already. 


  • Do not enter the building without permission from a professional fire damage repair expert. Even if it looks safe, stay out of the property until complete cleanup.
  • Leave the property as it is. Do not touch anything until your insurer assesses the extent of the damage. Take pictorial evidence if possible. 
  • Do not use or touch anything until it is certified safe for use by the professional
  • Do not consume food items or canned goods caught up in the fire. 
  • Do not turn on electrical appliances or use the gas until professionally checked.