The Dangers of Homeless Camps

Homeless Camps

The rise in the number of homeless people in the US has been increasing steadily. More homeless people have been living on the streets with no hopes of recovering any time soon. With the number of homeless people increasing on a daily basis, residents and local businesses cite major public health concerns. As the government turns deaf ears to addressing this problem, the rise in homelessness is not slowing down anytime soon. Sadly, homeless service providers can’t cater to these rising numbers of homeless people alone, they need support as well. This brings about an increase in the rise of homeless camps around the country. Given the health hazards, one is faced with at homeless camps, the cleanup process is best left to homeless camp cleanup contractors

Most homeless camps are home to countless number of people, comprising of makeshift tents, cardboards, and other hazardous materials. These encampments are mostly sited underneath freeways and brides, right next to buildings in metropolitan areas, inside alleys and empty lots, within wooden areas, and inside storm channels and drainage tunnels. 

Due to the hazards that come with homeless encampments, residents, local businesses and counties look up to homeless camp cleanup contractors to help sanitize the area. These requests are increasing in communities where homeless encampments are gaining much popularity.

Local businesses and government agencies are aware of the health risks involved in cleaning these spaces themselves hence they do not engage their employees. Rather, they call on professional homeless camp cleanup contracts for assistance. Without the right tools and equipment, employees who lack training on how to get rid of useless items at encampments risk exposure to hypodermic needles, and other hazardous items. These waste products are harmful to health and contain bloodborne pathogens and other infectious diseases such as HIV, MRSA, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, and E. Coli. Moreover, encampments are home to a massive amount of trash, something similar to a hoarding situation. 

In order to protect yourself and the general public, it is best to contact professional homeless camp cleanup contractors who offer safe and efficient cleaning techniques. With many years of experience cleaning biohazard waste products, these professionals know the risk involved with these kinds of waste and understand how best to handle it to prevent an outbreak of disease. 

They have experience working with residents, local businesses, counties, cities, and government agencies in cleaning up encampments that pose a sanitation risk to the general public. All waste products at the site will be disposed of safely and legally. 

Remember, sharps, human waste, and other illicit items can be dangerous to human health when exposed to them. Protecting yourself is key to living a healthy life. No cleanup contractor will show up at an encampment without the right gear including PPE; they come fully prepared. 

Also, before disinfecting a site, these professionals do well to inform locals and residents within the area about the task on the ground. They will start work when the deadline given to campers to evacuate elapses. 

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