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The Benefits Of Art Therapy For Seniors


If you know an older person or perhaps have a parent who is getting on in years, you’ll want to do what you can to make their lives not just comfortable but enjoyable and fun. There are many ways you can do this, and it will depend on a variety of factors, including their mobility, their cognitive health, and where you live in relation to them. 

Something that will often be beneficial, however, and that will be open to everyone, is art therapy. Art therapy offers a number of benefits, and it is an enjoyable way to spend time, and it could be the ideal thing for your senior loved one or friend to take up to help them in a number of ways. If you’re wondering what the benefits of art therapy are, read on. 

Improved Motor Skills

Sometimes older people can find that their motor skills become less efficient. This could be due to a condition like arthritis, or it might be that it is linked to cognitive decline – the brain forgets how to tell the body what to do when it comes to moving. 

Although these things don’t have a cure, they can be made better through art therapy. When doing art, whether it’s painting, modeling, collage, or anything else, the hands will always be moving. Whether the person doing the art has a lot of dexterity or hardly any, they will still be able to do something, and the more they do, the better those motor skills will become, which will help them in everyday situations. 

Opportunities For Socializing

One of the problems with old age is that there are fewer opportunities for socializing than when we are younger. We might not go out as much, and it’s harder to make friends and strike up conversations. However, joining in with an art class for art therapy can change that. Not only does it mean the senior person can meet new people and socialize, but it also means that they have something to look forward to, whether it’s once a month, once a week, or more often. 

Loneliness can be a big issue when we get older, and it has even been linked to poor mental health. Any opportunity to be around other people is a good idea, and art therapy provides that. If loneliness is something you’re concerned about, it might even be a good idea to consider assisted living in Massachusetts; your loved one will be around other people all the time, and there may well be art therapy to enjoy as well (plus other activities). 

Get Back To Old Hobbies 

Perhaps art was always something your loved ones enjoyed, but they stopped doing it because they were busy or unwell or for any other reason. If you think of things you enjoy doing, you might find that the same thing has happened; you’ve just drifted away from your old hobbies. Art therapy is the perfect way for older people to reconnect with something they loved to do in the past. This is a fun thing, but it can also help when it comes to cognitive abilities. Plus, everyone needs a hobby, as it’s good for your mental health.