Simple Steps to a Dynamic Custom Woocommerce Shop Page


The e-commerce business is the need of the hour right now. Every business owner has to engage in the transaction process to either offer their product and get revenue in return or develop a platform that helps people make transactions.

Either way, an entrepreneur would have to integrate e-commerce into their application if they wish to sell their service or products. 

The most significant way of developing an eCommerce website is by taking the support of the incredible website platform that accounts for 35% of the entire active websites on the internet. And it is none other than the one and only- WordPress. 

Most companies nowadays hire WordPress coders to develop a custom solution to their e-commerce needs via WordPress’s impressive plugin called WooCommerce.

WooCommerce paves the way for efficient and straightforward development of an e-commerce platform. 

The default box for WooCommerce shows the products in a grid format. It is a massive part of an online store- after all, it is the end page your users will interact with. 

Therefore, you need to have significant control over its design if you wish to develop an e-commerce shop that is user-friendly and intuitive that matches your business’s quality and delivers excellent value to your users. 

Thus, the best way to go is to develop a custom WooCommerce shop page that can elevate your sales and increase the conversion rate it achieves. 

What is a shop page developed via WooCommerce? 

The WooCommerce shop works as a placeholder that allows post type archives to showcase the products. A post type archive will display an array of products structured into a specific post type, category, or tag. In the WooCommerce shop page, the display would be of a product post type.

Behind the scenes, your shop page may render differently than other pages of your e-store. If you have already integrated SEO plugins to your website, the WooCommerce plugin will share similarities with its customization options. 

In a WooCommerce page shop, the products would be listed in a grid format with a description holding necessary information about each. This generally includes an eye-catchy image, name of the product, its price, and rating and reviews (optional). This will not have other options such as color variants or permission to choose the quantity one needs to buy. 

The default shop can be full-width or have a sidebar that allows you to add filters, widgets, etc. 

However, to develop an e-commerce platform responsive and efficient, you will have to hire WordPress programmers with an excellent knowledge base and experience. 

Why should you customize the default WooCommerce shop page? 

When one decides to customize their default WooCommerce page, it becomes possible to integrate unique functionality and aesthetics. However, if you aim to achieve a more lavish look and feel then, you should start looking for WordPress developers for hire since it is only possible to make it happen by using CSS and HTML or an already designed template file. And when it comes to customization, the limit to creativity expands to an eternal point. 

For example, you can add custom fields, tweak the default layout, show exclusive offers, integrate product filters, and do a lot more. 

Being said that, your priority while customizing your WooCommerce shop page should be to implement a layout or design that matches with the idea of your product. 

Remember, the custom WooCommerce shop you are developing must:

  • Encourage customers to navigate and access to other products as well
  • Allow users to access exactly what they are looking for
  • Boost the process of purchasing, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. 

Two ways will help you in redesigning your WooCommerce shop page: 

  • Your WooCommerce shop page can be integrated with the product table
  • Substitute the default shop page with a different page containing the product table. 

How to customize the WooCommerce shop page?

If you hire WordPress coders, you will be able to make optimum use of the WooCommerce product table plugin that allows the product owner to list the product in a dynamic front-end tabular format. 

It will allow you to authorize the table layout on the principle WooCommerce shop page while substituting the default layout of the theme. 

Otherwise, the developer can also use a basic shortcode to integrate product tables into your WordPress website page. 

We’ll give you a concrete idea as to how you can add WooCommerce product table layout to different pages of your WordPress website, including: 

  • The main page
  • The product category and type archive page
  • The custom taxonomy of product
  • The search result page of the product
  • Any other website page

Steps to customization:

The customization to your WooCommerce shop page can be done in just three easy and efficient measures. 

Step 1: Install and Activate the plugin known as WooCommerce product table: 

Find and install the WooCommerce product table plugin into your system and install it on your WordPress website. 

The rest can be done by structurally following the steps:

  1. Head to WooCommerce
  2. Go to the setting
  3. Select products
  4. Choose product tables
  5. Enter the plugin’s license key. 

Step 2: Add the product table to the default shop page of WooCommerce: 

Staying on the WooCommerce product table setting page, navigate to find the ‘table display’ and select the page you want to integrate the product table layout to. 

 Choose ‘shop page’ to use the product table layout on your WooCommerce shop’s main page. Here, the ‘product category archives’ will allow the integration of product tables on all of the product category pages, product search results, and product tax archives of your website.

Save these changes and easily display them on the front-end of your website. 

Step 3: Design the product table

Analyze various options that you get on your WooCommerce table setting page and utilize them for product table configuration. Since these options will be integrated into each page of your product tables, you must make sure they are nothing but the best. 


Developing an e-commerce website using WooCommerce a mainstream idea; it is not false to say that most product owners consider going with it. However, creating an out of the box website using the customizable features of the WooCommerce is what each entrepreneur must aim at. 

If you hire WordPress programmers, they will help you extend your creative limits and build an eCommerce portal worthy of all the tech-world attention. 

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