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A Sneak Peek at Penelope’s Outfit Colors in Bridgerton Season 3

A Sneak Peak at Penelope's New Wardrobe in Bridgeton Season 3

So, have you seen “Bridgerton ” Season 3?

I love everything about the show. 

Ah! The most romantic thing – this season focuses on the love story between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. 

The season shows the transformation of both from close friends to passionate lovers. 

At the beginning of the season, Penelope is determined to find a husband and leave home, partly to move on from her feelings for Colin. 

However, her wardrobe makeover has a deeper meaning beyond attracting suitors.

I am really impressed by the costume designer John Glaser.

He has used colors creatively in “Bridgerton” to give each character a unique style while keeping the Regency-era look. 

The use of different colors and finishes effortlessly shows the characters’ social status, family ties, and emotions.

Even fans of the show know that each family has its own color scheme that reveals their identity and desires. 

For example, If I talk about the Bridgertons, they wear blue, representing clarity, while the Featheringtons wear yellow, symbolizing envy. 

Cressida’s red is not just attention-seeking; it’s exaggerated to backfire on her.

Why Penelope Ditches the Featherington Aesthetic?

Why Penelope Ditches the Featherington Aesthetic

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When Penelope decides to revamp her wardrobe, she has two main requests. 

Her first demand was not to replace citrus colors completely. 

“I do not wish to see a citrus color ever again,” she insists. 

Second, she wants to incorporate styles Colin has seen on his travels.

“Perhaps something like what they are wearing in Paris,” she suggests.

It shows that somewhere she was hoping to impress Colin. 

Coughlan, a rising star on the red carpet, was also eager to move away from the sweet pastels.

penolope bridgerton

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“She was excited for herself and the character to break away from those colors because they were very restrictive,” says Glaser. 

“It gave her character nowhere to grow as long as she was always stuck in that uniform.”

Glaser even chose the brightest pink for Penelope’s last appearance in her old look to make the change more striking. 

The modiste’s options influence Penelope’s new style, but she doesn’t completely abandon her family’s colors. 

Green remains, but it’s more subtle than the bold hues worn by the other Featherington women.

Do you remember the scene when she was standing at the top of the stairs in a stunning teal gown with delicate floral beading and iridescent shimmer.

Ah! The grand entry by Penelope at the Four Seasons Ball in the premiere episode was mesmerizing. 

I love everything – her dress, her hair, accessories, and her entire look. 

Colors We have Seen Penelope Wearing in Season 3

Green and Orange Gowns

Green and Orange Gowns

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Season 3 adds more greens and oranges to Penelope’s wardrobe. 

Green is all about growth and renewal.

The colors truly reflected Penelope’s journey towards self-discovery and independence. 

I love her green dresses that come in various shades.

It includes from emerald to sage, each showing different parts of her changing identity.

Orange Gowns

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Orange combines the passion of red and the optimism of yellow.

It represents Penelope’s growing confidence and her complex feelings for Colin Bridgerton. 

This color shows warmth and energy, capturing the inner fire that shows her true colors throughout the season.

Blue Dress

Blue Dress

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The Bridgerton family’s main color is blue.

It truly highlighted the significance when Penelope Featherington wears her first blue dress after she starts choosing her own clothes. 

Her choice of blue color shows her love for Colin and his family.

You actually get hints about her eventual place in the Bridgerton family. 

The dress is also beautiful, with sequined embroidery that connects to her Featherington roots and her love for sparkle. 

Penelope’s new wardrobe fits her much better than her mother’s designs. 

But she still enjoys sparkles and patterns.

These colors indicate that she liked her mother’s clothes more than she admitted—it was just the colors she didn’t like.

Yellow Gowns

Yellow Gowns

Image Credit: Pinterest

Yellow, the color most linked to Penelope, stands out clearly.

It represents her lively personality and constant hope. 

This season, her yellow dresses, which come in various shades from light pastels to deep mustards, are carefully selected to show her feelings. 

Softer yellows appear during her vulnerable and thoughtful moments, highlighting her gentler side. 

In contrast, brighter yellows show her triumphs and confidence, especially when she embraces her role as Lady Whistledown with new self-assurance.

Peacock Shade Gown

Peacock Shade Gown

Image Credit: Pinterest

When Penelope steps out in a gown she designed herself, she makes a stunning impression. 

This peacock-colored dress shows she knows how to dress to highlight her best features, with a bold jewel tone that complements her fair skin and red hair, and a flattering silhouette. 

She keeps a touch of the Featherington flair with embroidery and sparkly accents.

Her hairstyle also has a hint of 1940s influence, adding a unique touch to her look and giving her, and Francesca, a distinctive style among the fashionable crowd.

The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress

Image Credit: Pinterest

Penelope’s wedding dress is perfect for a vintage-loving bride who wants to stand out. 

The blush tone and 1940s twist on Regency style make it look modern and timeless.

It’s reminiscent of Queen Victoria’s era when white wedding dresses became popular in 1840. 

Penelope looks like she could be stepping out of a wedding in 1946 just as easily as one in 1816. 

This dress is my favorite of the season because it captures Penelope’s character perfectly—a woman who wants to be unique while also being romantic at heart.

Penelope’s look was actually inspired from the 1950s.

Penelope’s look

Image Credit: Pinterest

Bridgerton’s costumes are a fun take on Regency fashion. 

This season, Glaser drew inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

He noticed that the shape of dresses from 1820 started to resemble styles from the 1950s, even comparing them to Marilyn Monroe’s looks. 

For Bridgerton, they adjusted these elements to fit their vision. 

Ah! Not to forget for Penelope, they altered her dresses to give her a defined waist and a more mature look, emphasizing that she’s now a woman, not a girl. 

Glaser remembers that Coughlan was excited about this empowering change through her clothing.

Penelope’s mid-century look also extends to her hair, designed by Erika Ökvist, inspired by Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake. 

Glaser explains, “We chose Lauren Bacall as a model because she always looked beautiful, no matter what she was wearing or how her hair was styled.” 

This is the effect they wanted for Penelope. 

Even if she was wearing pretty dresses, her love story was not less than a fairy tale.

At the end, she found her true love and married a man she always loved. 

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