Colocation Service

Colocation Service: All You Need To Know

Colocation is a hosting model wherein an organization rents space in a third-party-owned data center to house its servers. The client owns the servers and, is therefore, responsible for maintaining their hardware and software. The service provider offers an IP address, bandwidth, power, security and cooling equipment in addition to space for the uninterrupted functioning of servers.

Zomato clone

Attributes That Make Food Delivery Apps Like Zomato Must-have Partners For Restaurants

We see most of the popular restaurants being a part of food delivery apps. Restaurants understand the demand the food delivery system holds and are willing to be part of it. The online food delivery market amounts to $19.42 billion as of 2019. Customer convenience is an important aspect of food delivery apps.

real estate
Real Estate

A Comprehensive Overview of the Software Market’s Prospects in Real Estate Tokenization

The need for automating the tokenization of real estate with better liquidity and risk management necessitates the requirement of top-notch software. Amidst the risks posed due to cyber-attacks and the urgency to safeguard data privacy, the software market is poised to grow to greater heights in the future.

packaging tapes

Different Types of Packing Tapes and its Uses

Be it any industry in the world adhesive tapes plays an important role. This stands true for the packaging and transporting industry which depends on adhesive tapes to pack and secure the cargo. There are numerous types of adhesive packaging tapes in the market each specializing in different areas of expertise.

Uber clone app

A Complete Guide To Launch a Uber Clone App in the Philippines: How much it costs?

Ever since the inception of Uber, the ride-hailing segment has been witnessing unprecedented growth. In addition to Uber, the parallel success of apps like Ola, DiDi, Careem, 99, and Lyft only go out to prove that the market is promising and profitable.

Life Insurance

How Life Insurance Helps You Save Money And Stay Healthy

Some financial planners advocate stable life insurance strategies with cash value constituents because the plans force you to save money. Others acclaim you buy term life insurance for the inexpensive premium and spend the difference. Protect money on life insurance but cash value in life insurance should not be measured as an outdated investment.