Marketing and Communication in The Digital Era: Why Is It So Important?


While businesses strive to be original and stand out, they all share one common feature in the end. If their business communication is poor, they are destined to fail no matter what. Without good communicative skills, carrying out operations day in day out is impossible. The same goes for marketing strategies. Effective communication is the base of any marketing strategy or technique. Sales increase, profit generation, and customer base are some aspects depending on communication. If you still don’t understand why marketing and communication matter so much in the digital era, continue reading to find out. 


It takes a great idea to launch a business, but it takes an innovative one to keep it profitable and competitive. Every day, customers are becoming more demanding. They want only what is best for themselves and their families. That is why they put their trust in innovative and quality brands. For a business to stay ahead of the curve, employees have to produce new ideas, master new skills, and follow trends. To stimulate the staff to express their creativity, managers should give them a proper communications channel, such as the intranet. They never know when an employee might come up with a brilliant idea or problem solution. Having an effective channel for communication makes it easier for employees to share and brainstorm together. 

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Team Spirit 

Having a team of individuals getting along nicely and collaborating is every manager’s dream. Managers strive to have a functional, well organized, and team-spirited staff. Developing such a team takes time and hard work. What speeds up the development process is getting to know every team member individually. For instance, their personality traits, skills, personal and professional aims, etc. To get to know each other to the core, they have to interact whenever they get the chance. They don’t have to talk only about work but their interests and experiences as well. The more they get to know each other, the stronger their team spirit is. In such an environment, conflicts and misunderstandings rarely occur. 

Customer Satisfaction 

When it comes to creating and adopting marketing strategies targeting the right audience is crucial. If the targeted audience isn’t the right one, the implemented marketing strategy won’t bring the desired results. This is where good business communication comes to play. To get familiar with customers and their needs, employees have to effectively communicate with them. If they are good communicators, employees get them to open up and share their needs and wants with them openly. They can even persuade them to buy products or use services. Besides, employees with strong communicative skills can take the marketing strategy to another level by becoming brand advocates. Employees as brand advocates attract potential customers and help the business grow its customer base.

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Brand Recognition 

Marketing strategies have many marketing and business goals to reach. One of them is building brand recognition or raising brand awareness. There are many ways marketers can achieve this, but the most effective one is through powerful messages. The messages have to be effective otherwise they will fail to achieve the desired effect on the targeted audience. How do you know if a message is powerful enough? If the message sticks into people’s minds and makes them think about it, then the message is the right one. If not, then revisions and adjustments have to take place. For marketers with strong communicative skills, coming up with a slogan for the campaign or descriptions for products shouldn’t be too difficult. They know the audience, so they know what type of message will leave the best effect on them too. 

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Interaction on Social Networks

Since we are living in a digital period, technology, the Internet, and social networks form a huge part of our everyday lives. For a business to generate profit and achieve its goals, it has to have a certain online presence. That means, it should have its website and social media that are fully optimized and perfectly aligned with each other. That isn’t all it takes to build an online presence. It is just a starting point. 

Websites and profiles on social networks have to contain valuable, informative, and interesting content to attract users and potential customers. The more users visit the website and talk about the business online, the higher it ranks in search engine results. 

Social networks are great for interacting with members of the customer base too. Based on the collected feedback through communication, brands know exactly what to improve in the future to satisfy their customer’s needs better. Similarly, it is easier for them to offer their products and services to the right audience. Therefore, interaction on social networks enhances marketing efforts.