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Kitchen Glass Display Cabinets and How to Set Them Right

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Glass display cabinets as the name suggests are display cases with one or more tempered glass or acrylic surfaces or covers. A displaying cabinet may be freestanding on the floor, or built in, like in a museum, set up to display artefacts.

Display cases are usually made by companies like Glass Cabinets Direct with specialisations in welding, woodworking or shelving, and can suggest about customised designs, or what fits the best for a particular space. 

If you think, you want to play up with the kitchen and give it a nice, plush look, a well combined decorative glassware, shelving and lighting makes it quite a statement. But before taking a plunge into it, take a look at these do’s and don’ts of glass display cases. You know there’s no fun in going wrong in setting up something new. 


  • Usage of glass display cabinets: Not too long ago, there was a time when glasses and crockery were hidden out of sight, especially from guests. Cabinets with a glass front, found at stores keeping home-interiors stuff, enable you to display your best-looking kitchenware and crockeries. You can choose from the range of glass cabinets from frosted to painted glasses. 

Also, do remember to adorn your glass display cabinets with little light fittings.

  • Choose a wooden cabinet: If you are someone with minimalist, yet classic, vintage glassware, definitely opt for a wood cabinet. The roughness of wood complements the delicate glasses, very well. 

If you are up for displaying some nice glasses, why not display some nice bottles too, it can be of your favourite wine or champagne, too. 

  • Go for suspensions: There usually remains a space-crunch in our kitchen. To overcome it smartly, you can opt for a suspending wine-glass rack from the ceiling. You will get a variety that goes with your kitchen. 

Just keep it at a reasonable height, so that you can reach the glasses comfortably, yet, they do not interfere in your way. 

  • Under-cabinet racks: This, again, can be an option for smart utilisation of space. Oh, and it is practical too! You can hang this rack, just above the sink, for the optimum practical usage. 
  • Tricks of storing glasses: The trick to increase the longevity of delicate glasses, especially the wine, champagne or martini glasses, is by hanging them upside down. The rim is the most delicate part of the glass, so brittle crystal stays put when stored with the rim up.

Storing things upside down also look neat.

Also, remember to dry your glasses well, you won’t like moisture to get trapped in your glassware. 

Now comes the things you shouldn’t do.


  • Display glassware on open shelves: Glasses need to sparkle to look beautiful. If displayed in an open shelf, you would need to clean your expensive glassware, every other day.

Therefore, definitely try to go for glass display cases to keep your dainty belongings squeaky clean.

  • Store glassware too low: If you have children or pets at home, then your glassware stored at a low height, might receive some ‘death-threats’! 

Even if you don’t, keep the glasses at a comfortable arm’s reach.

But before I wrap up, let us share some Pro-Tips that will help you in the long run:

  • Cookbooks are great to be displayed on glass display cases. You can stack them together under smaller glassware or can also opt to lean them behind a cake stand. It accessorises your glass cabinets, giving it volume, and breaking the monotony.
  • You can just stack your glassware, crockery and cutlery in the cabinet. There’s no need to get creative when storing those. Just try to keep it as clutter-free and clean as possible.
  • You can leave behind cake stands and pedestals as they are. They look great when standing alone.
  • Cute-looking cannisters are great for storage, and act as easy-décor to your glass display cases.
  • Stick to white when you are arranging the glass display cabinets, above the other cabinets. It looks niche and creates a visual interest.

I hope, these are of help and you can achieve the look you have always dreamt to having.

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