Is it Good for Seniors to Use a Nordic Walking Pole for Travel?

trekking poles for seniors

Walking poles are a great way to maintain body posture. It’s a significant health practice that can be followed by the elderly to reduce joint pain, balance the mood, and increase internal confidence. People above 50 are looking for the best trekking poles for seniors worldwide to avail health benefits and make travel smooth. 

Apart from seniors, the walking poles are fruitful for arthritic users, patients suffering from cardiac health concerns, diabetic patients, and many more. In the post, you’ll catch about the advantages seniors can attain from walking poles.  

Do You Know? 
Nordic walking is an ancient practice fitness walk. Hikers & backpackers used to have one-piece ski poles before the walking poles came into a picture. The major reason for using one-piece ski poles was that snow makes it difficult to walk for seniors. To render comfort, Exerstrider of the United States in 1988 introduced the first walking pole to offer comfort and fitness facilities. 

Advantages of Using Walking Poles for Seniors

Work Out Your Core

Many adults use nordic walking poles to have tight abs. Seniors can use the walking poles to their best. With everyday use, the poles promote good posture, stability, and balance. It also gradually increases the walking speed and lets you walk long distances. Finally, promote strength and body functions.

Gentle on the Joints

After using the walking poles, your knees & hips will be grateful to you. The poles allow you to offload weight from knees & hips into the upper part of the body. This can lead to increased speed of the walk and without pain. It’s a great investment to buy the best walking poles for travel to prevent falls while walking and support knees & hips joints. 

Balance the Blood Sugar Level 

Seniors are more prone to diseases than adults. The elderly facing improper blood sugar and having medication should use nordic walking poles. It reduces weight and boosts healthy blood glucose management.  

Posture Correctness

How confident older people will feel if they walk straight without pain? Surely, they will feel great!  The poles work on the upper back muscles correctly and end up maintaining the right posture. 

Relish a Social Workout

When a person becomes old, he/she needs a companion to talk to. They have frequent mood swings like kids and want a social circle to stay positive. Seniors feel great with walking poles and invite their companions to walk with a lot of talks and laugh. Therefore, the poles improve their self-esteem and overall feeling. 

Overcome Stress

It’s time to look for the best hiking pole for seniors as it reduces stress and makes it convenient for seniors to do travel/hiking. The poles improve health which automatically lifts the mood and kick out the tiredness and low emotions. 

In the End 

The nordic walking poles are an ideal running alternative. You can walk for a long distance without much caring about falling and body pain. The poles work magical, rendering high comfort and many health benefits to seniors. They can use them while traveling as they act as a shield every time.