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How To Take Care of Your Precious Jewellery

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Your coveted jewellery pieces must be very close to your heart. You enjoy flaunting them on special occasions and parties. You want them to keep sparkling and remain as shiny as new. For this, you need to take care of your precious jewellery items.

Designer pieces, crafted out of gold, diamonds, platinum, silver or gemstones must be taken care of as per the metal and stones used. Prestige Valuations is your trustworthy one-stop-solution provider, they offer bespoke jewellery London where you can get customised jewellery designed. They also offer jewellery repair service.

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Here we have rounded up the tips to help you take care of your cherished jewellery.

How to care your diamond jewellery

Your diamond jewellery is the most treasured. Who would not like to keep their diamonds shining forever? You need to take special care of your diamond-studded jewellery to maintain their sparkle.

You need to ensure that your diamonds are not exposed to harsh chemicals, especially when using sunscreens or perfumes. Such products with chemicals can erode the jewellery.

When storing, make sure that two diamonds are not close to each other as they can scratch one another. You can clean them using a mild cleaning solution, then rinse with water and dry them out using a clean soft cloth.

Avoid wearing your diamonds when doing any work where there is a risk of getting them chipped. Also, when removing your ring, hold it by its band and do not hold its stone as you might end up removing the diamond from its setting. You can also transfer body oils by your hands, letting it build up around the setting, so be careful. If your item is damaged, get jewellery repair London by experts.

How to take care of your gold jewellery

Gold jewellery should be kept separate from other metals to avoid discolouration. Remove your gold piece when you swim as the chlorinated water can be very harmful to gold. While cleaning or doing dishes, you should be careful with your jewellery. Chemicals can also harm your coveted pieces, so apply hairspray or perfumes before you wear your jewellery.

Your precious pieces can be at risk and untoward incidents like theft or fire can happen any time, so be prepared. You must get insurance and probate jewellery valuation to be on the safer side.

How to take care of Gemstones

You should avoid contact of your gemstones with soap, detergents and other chemicals that can harm them. Chlorine can erode your stones, so avoid it too. Wipe them with a soft cloth to keep them clean. Be it topaz, ruby, amethyst or sapphire, after wearing your precious or semi-precious stones jewellery, store it in a soft pouch. Get bespoke jewellery Hatton Garden designed by the skilled craftsmen at Prestige Valuations.

How to take care of Platinum Jewellery

Platinum can get scratches and dents very easily so avoid it from coming in contact with other metals. Do not wear a platinum ring when doing daily chores. If you get visible marks, you can get your piece polished.

Hope these tips would come in handy to help you take care of your jewellery.