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How To Store Your Cannabis On The Go?


For those who are passionate about weed, the idea of traveling without its company is about feeling incomplete. And well, why shouldn’t it? From making your entire trip more fun and exciting to super relaxing, the fresh buds can do it all in just a few minutes. But of course, the most important aspect is that the buds stay fresh, and that is quite the challenge when you are on the move. 

Storing and managing your weed stash elegantly when you are moving is very important. You cannot just put some in your pockets or wrap them in paper and stuff it inside your bag. Packing and storing it well is critical to ensure they are always ready for use and will also not cause a hassle during security checks during your travel. So here we present to you some important advice on storing your cannabis safely and efficiently for the best experience. 

Storing It Right 

The best advice when traveling is to buy fresh buds from the destination as much as possible. It helps evade the complications of state laws on cannabis and gives you a chance to enjoy fresh flowers. You can easily get hash online in Canada and avoid the hassle of packing. But carrying your stash with you can also be good if you just follow the proper storage rules. Here are a few points to keep in mind for the best results. 

Strike The Right Temperature 

Achieving the proper temperature is essential to ensure your buds remain fresh and ready for use. The high temperature will dry out cannabis and cause a lowering of terpene concentration. It will also induce a harsh feeling that could be quite uncomfortable in the throat. Similarly, very low temperatures will render the cannabinoids and terpene potency very low.

The ideal temperature to store your weed is between 55 – 74 degrees Fahrenheit, with 65 being the optimal level. Similarly, having proper control over moisture levels is necessary to stop the decay of the buds inside the containers. You can invest in temperature and humidity-controlled storage modules or humidors that can ensure this value or keep your box away from direct heat near the car radiator or other items to store it safely. Make sure the container is a glass jar with an airtight seal for the best experience. 

Restrict The Light Exposure 

Just like temperature and moisture, cannabis is also sensitive to light. Exposure to excess light can severely damage the cannabinoids and the natural potency of the buds. Some say that buds can remain fresh and usable for up to 1 to 2 years if stored at the best temperature away from light. 

Keeping your buds away from the UV rays will stop the conversion of cannabinoids and terpenes, thus keeping the buds potent and amazing to consume. So make sure to store your stash away from direct sunlight, probably deep inside your luggage or bag, for the best effects. 

Where To Store?

Glass Jars 

Airtight glass mason jars are the standard for selling fresh buds across several cannabis retail places. While plastic containers may offer temperature and air control, certain chemicals could leech into the buds that could be both toxic and ruin the taste. 

Glass jars, preferably filled up to 3/4 of the entire capacity, can carry cannabis on the go. It will prevent the buds from getting crushed and keep the smell from coming out. Additionally, you can look for colored glass jars such as green that can offer additional filtering of UV rays for further protection of the buds from light exposure. 


Humidors are an elegant and sophisticated solution for storing and carrying cannabis while traveling. The entire process of maintaining the temperature, moisture, and light exposure becomes simple while storing your buds in these fabulously designed containers. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid materials that tend to have chemicals or natural flavors as they could interrupt the flavor spectrum of your stash. 

Titanium Jars 

Titanium containers are among the few choices that work amazingly well for storing cannabis. The metal does not affect the natural profile of the flower, making it an ideal choice for storage. It is also sturdy, durable, temperature, moisture, and light-resistant. If you are worried about carrying glass jars during travel, titanium containers are the go-to. They are also quite effective in keeping the odor at bay. 

Ziplock Bags 

Although plastic bags are not the first choice for carrying cannabis on the go, it is quite convenient and is a great short-term option to keep the odor in check. Typically plastic bags with airtight sealing are useful for refrigerating or freezing buds to prolong their lifelong. 

Carrying Your Stash Safely 

Discretion is key to carrying your stash safely if you are traveling locally. So make sure to keep your containers adequately packed in your bags and avoid opening them in public areas. For inter-state travel, check the local laws on the destination area and carry your marijuana card and other required documents for your buds, such as product certificates if required for comfortable travel. 


Storing your cannabis right when you are traveling can cut you down a lot of hassle of finding them. It will also keep your stash fresh for use anytime you like and helps you pass security tests easily without trouble. So remember these important storage tips next time you are packing to make sure you have a fun and fabulous time with cannabis