How to Select the Best Sheets for Winter in Canada

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Choosing the best sheets for winter can be a challenge. At this time of year, outside temperatures drop – especially at night. While your house may be a comfortable temperature in the daylight, nighttime could be a different story. Taking into consideration factors like the temperature at night, the color of your bedding and bedroom, your fabric/material preferences and your budget, you can find the right sheets for your home. Remember to choose quality sheets that will last many years.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can choose sheets that will meet your needs now and for many winters into the future. Here’s what you need to know.

First, Consider the Temperature Inside Your Home

Sheets can either insulate your body and help keep you warm at night, or they can help distribute heat, thus keeping you cool. At this time of year, many people turn down their thermostats at night, allowing their home (and thus their sleep environment) to become cooler than normal.

Flannel sheets can help keep your sleep environment comfortable even as temperatures outside drop. How cool is cool enough for flannel sheets?

If your home’s temperature is cool enough that you’re uncomfortable walking around your house without a sweater over your shirt (or a thick robe over your pajamas), then flannel sheets should be just about right. Flannel sheets are made from soft, brushed thread. This is what makes flannel sheets fuzzy.

That fuzz gives your sheets an insulating quality, helping to trap heat against your body at night. Even if your house is cool, your sheets should help keep you warm.


Consider Color

Color is a factor to consider when deciding which sheets are best for winter in Canada. At this time of year, darker colors are a natural fit in many circumstances.

In the warmer times of year, people flock to lighter colors because they reflect heat and help keep the body naturally cool. Darker colors absorb heat, and can help keep the body warmer

Even if your sheets are almost never exposed to sunlight, darker colors are still a symbol of the season, and appropriate for your bed in winter. As you’re trying to decide which set of flannel sheets color is right for your room, take into consideration the color of the bedroom and bedding, and coordinate your sheets accordingly.

  • Sheets don’t have to match the bedding or the other colors in the room exactly, but for the best results, make an effort to coordinate your sheets.
  • Neutral colors like cream match most other colors.
  • Cool colors like blue and green coordinate well with gray, while warmer colors tend to coordinate best with brown

Take into consideration that darker colors hide stains, while lighter colors are more vulnerable to staining. If you’re purchasing bedding for a child, darker colors are safer and less likely to show soil.

Inventory Your Supply of Winter Sheets

When trying to decide which type of winter sheets to buy for your home, take into consideration the sheets you already have. It’s important to choose sheets that won’t duplicate anything you already have at home. Compare the sheets you’re thinking about buying to the sheets you already own, in terms of their pattern, color and more.

Make a Budget

One more thing to consider when trying to decide which type of sheets to purchase is your budget. Sheets can range in price, depending on quality and size. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s important to remember that the lowest quality sheets may be the least expensive, but they’re not necessarily best for your needs.

In fact, buying low quality sheets can cost extra money in the long run. Low quality sheets may not last long, and thus need to be replaced quickly. Buying high quality flannel sheets Canada can help ensure that your sheets will last for many years.

Seek Out Quality Sheets

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