How to Secure a Gym With 24 Hour Fitness Policy?

insurance for gym

According to Google, internet searches related to health, fitness, beauty, and fashion tends to increase in January and March. For example, the most searched words in the diet section last year keto diet followed by an alkaline diet and dissociated diet. On the other hand, other searches related to the world of fitness were how to have abs and high-intensity workouts such as CrossFit and flat tummy.  

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Accidents at the Gym: 

The months preceding summer also become the most crowded for gyms, which multiply their offers to win members. For this reason, many times, accessing a fitness room after leaving work in the middle of May can turn into an odyssey. When going to the gym, all kinds of activities are carried out, from some more relaxed such as yoga or Pilates to others of more intensity such as spinning or body combat. But what would happen if a member had an accident with a bicycle and was injured due to its poor condition?

Most Autonomous Communities require that gyms have insurance for gym owners that covers, through financial compensation, the damages that may be caused to third parties on the premises, such as subscribers or employees. Therefore, if you have insurance, it would be responsible for paying the relevant compensation.

RC for Gyms:

The Liability coverage (RC) for gyms may be necessary to obtain the business license by the authorities. The most common is usually the civil liability for exploitation that responds to damages that may be caused to third parties while carrying out the activities of the insured company. In this way, the insurance would cover a subscriber or employee if, for example, they use a machine in poor condition and it causes an injury or if the floor is wet and they fall.

On the other hand, it can also be included in the policy, depending on the insurer with which the policy is contracted, the Employer Civil Liability, which protects the business owner against the damages that may occur in the premises of which he is the tenant. In addition, the employer’s civil liability would be responsible for compensating workers in case they suffered injuries or their relatives if they died due to an accident at work.

Breakdowns and Damage:

In addition to CR, gym owners usually take out 24 hour Fitness Policy,  which usually includes coverage that protects their business from breakdowns and damages. The price of these policies normally depends on your facilities and the type and number of machines you have, the capacity, the number of employees or whether you have a pool.

The damage guarantee protects the insured company from fire, machinery breakdown or water damage. The machines in a gym tend to be quite expensive. So fixing them if they break can be very expensive. However, depending on the insurance you purchase, their maintenance may be included, which can save you money in case you need to repair them.


In addition to sports machines, thieves may decide to rob a gym for the cash or the computer and IT equipment inside. For this reason, it is important to hire a theft coverage that protects your business from a possible unexpected visit. In this way, in the event that you suffer a theft, you will be protected and the insurance will be able to compensate you.

Compare your Insurance Before Hiring it: 

Before hiring 24 hour Fitness Policy for your gym, it is recommended that you compare the different offers of the companies and that you do not stay with the first option. In addition, it is important that you look at the coverage they offer, since there may be policies that are more adapted than others to your gym.