How to Prepare Your Home for Welcoming Back Guests

Welcoming Back Guests

As lockdown restrictions ease and the vaccine rollout gains more and more momentum, people around the world are slowly beginning to welcome guests back into their homes. A lot of people have used their time in lockdown to redecorate or spruce up their homes in some way; however, if you are still looking for inspiration, here are some of the best decorating ideas to refresh your home and prepare it for welcoming guests once again. 

Try a Woodwork Refurb 

Do you have one (or five) tins of paint that have been lying around for so long you can’t remember why you bought them anymore? Why not touch up your skirting boards, banisters, and picture rails? You’ll be surprised what a fresh coat of paint will do in making a huge difference to the overall look. 

Update Your Tiles 

Again, in the same way that using that leftover paint can make a huge difference in the look of the above examples, you should take the time to touch up any tired-looking tiles. Be sure to clean and scour them beforehand as this will remove grout from the surface, which means once you paint them, you’ll get an even finish. 

Give Upholstery a Try 

You’d be surprised at the huge impact you can have on tired-looking furniture using some fabric, glue, and a staple gun. Try covering an old chair or worn headboard with some fresh fabric, and your furniture will look brand new, without being new. Your guest will never know, but it could make a great talking point if you want to show off your handy work! 

Try Some New Furniture 

By simply replacing a coffee table or chair, you can give your home a whole new look. Maybe you don’t want to decorate for others but instead would like to add more comfort with a larger sofa or a big bean bag chair they sell at Sumo Lounge. More and more people have realized the importance of feeling comfortable in their own home, whether this is when entertaining guests, binge-watching a new drama, or doing work, and what better way to feel comfortable than on a giant bean bag? You can click here for more information. 

Add Splashes of Color and Patterns Where Comfortable 

A lot of people would like to add brighter colors and patterns to their walls but are hesitant to do so. If you are curious but wary of the overpowering effect such colors could have on your home, start small and work your way bigger. Use bright colors on appliances like a radiator or the inside of a kitchen cupboard; these small details will never fail to brighten up a room. If you enjoy the way that it looks, then you can gradually do it more and more. 

Getting Your House Ready 

Welcoming people back into your home after such a long period of time can be incredibly daunting. You may be cautious about personal space or nervous about being so close to people again, but you shouldn’t be paranoid about the way your house looks. 

Giving your home a refurb can be incredibly simple and can cost as much or as little as you’d like. Simply covering some tired furniture with fabric and touching up some areas with paint makes a huge difference. Similarly, if you would like to change some furniture and have a larger impact, there are some great retailers out there whose products you can browse.