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cool drawing ideas

Drawing ideas

We’re gonna do five cool drawing ideas to inspire you. You find these satisfying and fun, and yeah, stress-relieving. All right, the one I’m about to show you is cool. It’s one of my favorites go to’s, but there is another cool one later. So I can’t decide which one is my favorite in this video. Anyway, this is what we’re gonna do. Did you see all the weird things I did with my eyes? We’re gonna draw eyes doing weird emotions! We’re gonna fill an entire page with eyes and this is fun because you can do like a ton of different styles. If you’re feeling experimental. Like, you could do realistic, anime, anything you want to practice You can let out here.

Draw an eye

Being a bit gestural because that helps me to improve sometimes. Again, trying to keep it gestural so it’s not like super tight lines and stuff. These sorts of sketches or drawing ideas actually helped me with capturing human expression. Like if I’m doing a more serious piece. The muscle memory and stuff help and the fun thing about this drawing idea. you can use all the reference photos on the internet. that you want, on your camera roll, on your phone, you know, that you want. Put your eyebrows down like you’re angry, but then smile like you’re happy and it’s weird.

All right, I present to your anger. How about a closed eye, how often do draw those? I drew a ton of them. It was so fun. You can find it on my channel. If you go back about a year and a half ago, two years ago. I’ll do like a sleepy-ish eye here. Mm-hmm. Let’s try it. So eyes intimidate people when you have to draw the second eye. So if you want a confidence boost, that’s one reason why I recommend doing this for drawing ideas. Because you only have to draw one of the eyes and you can do all sorts of emotions.

Art Sketch

It doesn’t have to be like the perfect looking eye. So the question of the day, tell me what facial feature is your favorite drawing ideas. I definitely think eyes are mine this month, but ask me that question next month. It’ll go back to like noses or something like that, you know. All right, here’s a page of some fun little eyes. So this one is fun, but take a little trinket in your house and turn it into a full-blown page design. So you saw me hold up my art fam enamel pin which, self-promo here. Anyway, I decided, you know what, I kind of want to bring this to life and sort of show the art family.

All around the message, so I did that and I outlined art family and then I drew a couple of art supplies. You know, like those souvenir magnets you get from vacations. If you have one of those, try to make an art piece inspired by it. This is such a fun idea and a lot of the times when you do stuff like this. I guess, there’s a lot of opportunities to incorporate like nostalgia. Some sort of community aspect so I figured this one was worth mentioning. This one was super fun for me to draw ideas. I designed about an animal pin, I actually did so many art family sketches and preparations. But now it’s kind of fun since the pin is done to do artwork based on it. It came full-circle.

Colors ideas

This one is probably the easiest one in this entire video if you don’t feel like… Doing a full-blown project or you feel like you’re a beginner or you want stress relief. This one is for you. Let me tell you what, this is all I did. I wanted to bust out the happy colors, feel the happy moods, you know. So I took a spray bottle and I sprayed a piece of paper and then I laid down. All the beautiful, colorful watercolor paints that I wanted and now the trick of this since the paper. Your colors are gonna bleed together and you don’t have to do a lot of work. When you’re done if you want it to bleed together a little a bit more you spray it again. It’s pretty easy.

When you’re an adult it is still cool you can still scribble and it’s gonna look the Okay. So do a bunch of squiggly scribbles lines all over your page and keep repeating it. See, it looks pretty cool already, right? That contrast. It is exuding happiness. Let me tell you what. This, I love doing this to relieve stress. I’m like all fired up about it because it’s so so fun! Anyway, yeah, when you peel the paint off and you have that white frame, it all comes together and it looks so fun. You can hang this up in your house for a cool abstract piece and let me tell you what, it’ll look sweet.

Paint Ideas

Anyway, this is what it looks like and I recommend it, it is such fun guys. So if you’re somebody who likes to feel proud of yourself. Proud of the artwork that you do, but you don’t want to put a lot of effort into it but you still want to hang it on your wall. So these drawing ideas are perfect for you. So now orient it but you want. I’m gonna do it this way because it sounds fun. You know, it’s actually kidding, I want to do it this way. Here is my obnoxious gouache palette. I’m misting it to activate everything. Got some Prima watercolor and some Arteza watercolor and sometimes, surrounding myself.

A little rainbow sets the mood. lot’s of paint all around me, for some people this is overwhelming. So if this overwhelms you, you don’t have to do that part So what we’re gonna do is collage different like plant shapes. I’m a plant person and if you’re not you can collage something else, but this is easy and makes fun at home decor. Do a light squiggly line like that. Press hard. Lift up Press hard, lift up. So I’m going to scatter these all over the page in different ways. These are pretty easy because let me tell you what, all you do is you press with your brush.

Leaf Art Ideas

Then you go down and then it gets thicker than you get like leaf effects, it’s sweet. Now I’m going to show you guys something cool. If you don’t like how part of your drawing ideas collage came out paint over. Alright, next you’ll want to use a smaller paintbrush. We’re gonna take a darker color like this bluish color and we’re gonna revisit all the first parts. Now, don’t let shading intimidate you, this is a drawing idea, so you don’t have to be perfect. We’re gonna do a little more cartoony. Okay. The leaves and you can stop at whatever point or go all the way to the end, it is up to you. Alright, guys, this is where things get fun.

So we are going to use gouache. Now if you don’t have this you can use like acrylic paint or even colored pencils. It’s not a big deal and we’re going to do some light-colored veins. So now is the part where we’re gonna decide are these gonna be blobby lemons or are they gonna be leaves. You can use your own interpretation of this which is quite nice. We’re gonna make them into blobby lemons so, most of this piece is final now, but we want to add some pops of color. So I’m gonna show you how to do that the easy way. Let’s use a fun that pink color and Do some little flower shapes here and there. I’m gonna do some unique ones like this. It’s kind of like a heart but with like three little bumps at the top, do a couple of those.

It does take some time to do this one, but look how satisfying that is. There isn’t a lot to this except for repetition, so if you don’t mind doing something very repetitious. Is that word repetitious? Then this is for you right here. This one is super fun and super easy. All you need is like a pen or a marker and there’s one rule. Don’t lift it off your paper. So right now I’m drawing ideas for a pug and you can see it’s actually pretty challenging. But it’s fun because it brings out this like the wonky style. Now when I cannot lift the pen or the marker from the page.

I start holding my utensil tighter and then like the proportions get all like weird. It turns out fun and it brings out a playful style. I should warn you, don’t have like super huge aspirations. If you’re new to it because if you’re like me and you start gripping that pen tighter and tighter. Your hand is gonna get so tired, but it’s so fun to do and if anything it’ll brighten your day by giving you a good laugh. Like mine turned out more like a tiger than a cat but it was fun and that’s what matters.

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