How to Make Money Talk with the Partner Less Awkward


Money is one of the most essential yet uncomfortable conversation topics for couples. It is often avoided as it can get a little embarrassing to explain your financial situation to the other half. It may not come naturally, but you should have it in the early phase of the relationship.

It will avoid any needless stress in the future because of unmet expectations. Also, your finances may txake a severe hit while trying to manage the expenses. To prevent all this, these are some tips to have the money talk with your partner.

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Do not Wait

You should wait for the right moment to have the conversation as it may never arrive. You might still be waiting for it while your partner is planning a grand wedding. Therefore, you must have the conversation as early as possible in the relationship.

Not on the first date, but at least within the first month of the relationship. The conversation should include your financial condition and expectations from your partner. It will be healthy for the relationship and help know each other better.

Discussing long-term goals can be a little tricky in the initial stage. Your partner may think you are advancing too early in the relationship. However, any major event in the near future, such as return to college or a financial crisis should be discussed more before.

Go Easy with the Conversation

The idea here is to start a conversation without making it intimidating for the other. There is no knowing the response of your partner if you start with the bigger picture. Therefore, try to take small steps before discussing important issues.

Your current status is an excellent starter before coming to the pension plan. It will make the conversation go smooth and set the rhythm for significant issues. You can also discuss the savings plan for the future when the conversation starts with current expenses.

Debts and liabilities are a very critical aspect of your financial situation that is rarely discussed in the beginning. You can use credit ratings as a conversation starter to discuss your current debts and their impacts. Remember, you need the support of your partner to repay the debts effectively.

The Right Words to Start

Many experts recommend starting the conversation with some hypothetical situation to understand your partner’s thought process. The answers will show their response beforehand avoiding any awkward situation. Make sure you are the situation seems away from reality.

Remember, there is no right answer; you are there to have an insight into their psychology. The hypothetical situation should start with a question, use words such as how about, what if, etc.

Introduce the Financial Goals

A financial goal is also a good starter for a conversation related to money. You can share the purpose for which you are presently saving money. It will give them an idea of your current financial situation and money management.

The goal can be anything from buying a house or saving for an exotic vacation. It will make the conversation engaging as well since they may also weigh in their opinion. You can have this conversation at any point of time in a relationship, even on the first date.

Shared Goals

If your relationship is way past the initial period, you can share some financial goals. This is one right way to keep the conversation going about finances. Also, it creates a healthy support system in a relationship to strengthen its core.

Your partner will help you manage the expenses and prevent any unnecessary costs. Your long-term goal to buy a car requires a deposit that may take years to save. You can then apply for guaranteed car finance with no guarantor from any private lender.

Maintaining a good credit score is an excellent shared goal for any couple. It will help them a few years down the road if they end up together. You will get a home mortgage and other loans at a much lower interest rate.

Discuss their Childhood

Childhood of an individual can help determine their attitude towards money. You can ask your partner about their upbringing to know about the financial conditions in their early life. This is one time that shapes their mind towards different ideas in the future.

Also, the family helps an individual create an attitude or opinion. You can share your experience if you want. Also, you can have this conversation anytime you want as it is not at all intimidating or awkward.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Financial expectation and situations are different for every person. Some things are more important for you than others. Therefore, you must take a good note of the information you want to ask the partner.

Make a strategy based on the information you want. You may want to ask about their income, debts, or daily expenses. Make a list of all these topics before you start any money-related conversation.

Use the Online Articles

A reference to the article you recently read is a great conversation starter. You can easily steer the topic to something you intend to know. It will help you discuss even the most sensitive of the issues as the online article can be anything you want.

To conclude, it is never easy to start a money talk with your partner. The topic is quite uncomfortable for many and embarrassing for some. However, you must initiate the conversation to make the bond stronger between you and your partner.

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