How To Deal With Muscle Pain After Workouts

Have you ever wondered – why do muscles hurt after intense training ?

It is a phenomenon that occurs both in new athletes and in veterans and a widespread error attributes it to the storage of lactic acid in the muscles. In fact, the disposal of lactic acid takes place much faster than the fourteen hours following training in which muscle pain generally occurs. 

The muscle pain is a symptom of micro-tears of the very tissues like the athlete as the inevitable result of the growth of muscle: a positive sign of an effective workout. But sometimes, these can result in medical emergencies. That is why gym owners make use of climbing gym insurance and ask the trainers to be very careful when assisting people during workouts.

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Although the muscle pains are inevitable, it is possible to reduce the recovery time to suffer from the “pleasant” discomfort as little as possible. Thanks to these natural remedies.

Natural Remedies For Muscle Pain 

Pain is the signal that the muscle needs to recover . The proposed remedies will not serve to eliminate the pain which is a “necessary evil”, but to shorten the recovery time.

Avoid Stretching – Soliciting and stretching the muscle is not a good idea. It adds stress to stress, making inflammation worse.

Cold Shower – Many athletes agree that a cold bath or shower can relieve post-workout muscle pain. However, there is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of this remedy.

Avoid Training Your Sore Muscle Again – As with the above remedy, the best treatment for muscle pain is rest or very low intensity booster training.

Sports Massage – Can reduce swelling and tenderness especially in larger muscle groups (legs, shoulder, back, arms).

Gradual Training – A gradual training helps the muscles to grow harmoniously, without significant trauma.

Warm-up – Again, the goal is to gradually prepare the muscle (and the rest of the body) for intense exertion. If you have a sore muscle, inflammation is an important part of the problem you must fight to avoid sores. To reduce it, eat foods that contain natural anti-inflammatory properties.

With the advice we offer you on how to avoid pain in an easy and simple way . But it is also true that sometimes it will be impossible to start training. Don’t feel guilty. Take a break that day.

Practice Active Recovery To Combat Inflammation

If you notice slight swelling, stiffness, reduced movement in the joints, increased tenderness or less strength in the muscles, you suffer from muscle inflammation.

To combat inflammation, practice active recovery . I’m sure you don’t even want to move when your arms or legs hurt, but that’s exactly what you should do. A yoga class or a gentle walk are some activities that we recommend to avoid muscle pain . When practicing these activities, you should never exceed 140 beats per minute.

To Wrap Up.. 

We know that muscle soreness can sometimes be our worst nightmare, but if we follow these tips on how to avoid muscle soreness, we will feel like we have done a good workout with no negative consequences.