How To Build a Successful IT Consulting Firm

IT consulting firm

Building a successful IT consulting firm is extremely important since it creates opportunities and innovations for society. Through the creation of a successful agency, it gives entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to create the perfect product or service. 

Mercator IT Solutions is highly successful and is known for being committed to pushing the boundaries, especially when it comes to performing beyond expectations. This specialized agency  is dedicated to inventing innovative ways to help boost leading companies around the world. 

Mercator IT Solutions will be used as a case study to further analyze the best ways to build a successful IT consulting firm. This article will show you some of the helpful strategies and insights that helped other IT consulting agencies grow. 

Tip #1: Push the boundaries

Successful IT consulting agencies constantly push boundaries and perform beyond expectations, especially for their clients and employees. They further work to develop honest and long term relationships with their clients, as they want them to reach their full potential with their business goals. Further optimizing every opportunity brought in from their team, so everyone can have a seat at the table. 

You need to be  committed to pushing the boundaries when it comes to performing beyond expectations, as you strive through your talent, experience, technology and efficiency. Doing this helped Mercator IT Solutions. 

The company saw a sharp rise in sales and overall growth in the last couple of years, it truly indicates their dedication to constantly succeed. CIO Sarah Bennett credited the company’s growth to being a team effort, “each and every person in the team has been a contributor, from the CEO down to the most junior members of staff”. Inferring that by a collective effort and push to succeed, a company can go beyond expectations and achievements. 

Tip #2: Build a strong, reliable team

A great team of people is one of the main attributes to building a successful consulting firm. This is because you are your team. They need professional training, support, and encouragement to perform at their highest capacity. It’s important to prioritize building a strong team because that is what leads your company forward. 

Companies like Mercator IT Solutions understand this and are dedicated to creating a stress free work environment, as they optimize the minds and ideas of their employees. They know that good health and welfare can be one of the top enablers of employee engagement and organizational performance. Hence their significant increase of work over the past couple of years. 

Their devotion to building a workplace that offers retention and wellbeing is recognised in their many efforts, one of which is the flexible work options for their employees. As they understand every unique requirement on any staffing challenge, and will purposefully adapt to aid everyone’s needs. 

They pride themselves on being all embracing and seek to allow individuals to thrive through their team, and also their client’s organizations. They place themselves as an all inclusive, gender-neutral firm that prioritizes expertise over gender, race, background, ect. 

Bennett further states that it is all down to business, “creating an environment where staff share, help and generally seek to uplift others creates a happier culture. This has cultivated an environment where no matter your background, culture, skills or experience, everyone is treated the same”. 

Tip #3: Don’t shy away from diversity

Mercator IT Solutions is one of the few companies that are leading the way in increasing diversity in their workforce, especially through their recruiting scheme of finding and hiring new members of their workforce by using inclusive policies. By prioritizing employee wellbeing, their team naturally provides clients with the absolute best. A mindful working environment helps boost employee engagement, thus ultimately helping them achieve their aspiring business goals. 

Bennett states “we are concentrating a lot of effort on getting our processes and policies tight, making them more scalable, and ensuring our employees want to come to work and are motivated to perform well. We believe that if we can employ the best talent and look after them, the rest will fall into place”. 

With this emphasis plus their proven growth at a rapid pace, especially with their contractual pipeline of work continuing to expand, it is clear that a successful agency needs to make a point of employee welfare and to always work in a partnership. That it be your company with clients, or your company with employees. Mercator IT Solutions are always concise and clear with their targets and goals, and it is proven to work. 

As a CIO herself, and is someone with years of experience working in the industry, Sarah Bennett claims that the tech industry has the ability and capacity to be more flexible than any other industry, “hours worked outside of ‘the norm’ are balanced out with the times you are able to take time out during the day or fit around your home life”, she finished. 

Overall, Mercator IT Solutions is laying the foundation with key examples on how to build a successful IT consulting firm. It is vital to be driven and have good expertise, however, having a happy culture with no bias and a determined team will truly help your company become successful within IT consulting. 

Key Takeaways

Our top three tips are for you to build a strong team, champion diversity, and push the boundaries. These three strategies will help you achieve more success in the IT consulting space because it has worked for other agencies, and it can work for you.