How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Cincinnati Home?

A pressure wash is using a stream of water with high power along with with cleaning products that remove dirt, dust, grime and brightens what the UV rays and climate has dulled. And while this can be done by any homeowner, to get the job done right and without harming the house, landscaping, or nearby houses, hiring a professional pressure washing service in Ohio is the best option.

Using a professional pressure washing service in Cincinnati that offers pressure washing will be done by a team that has been trained, they will have the experience, the proper equipment, including the safety gear to climb ladders and walk on roofs, and they will have the proper cleaning products. With the environmental concerns today, the companies that offer pressure wash in and around Cincinnati are diligent in using environmentally safe products, something that every homeowner should want.

When Should You Have Your Home Professional Pressure Washed?

Since the focus of a professional pressure wash job in Cincinnati is to remove the dirt, dust, and grime, as well as bring back the lustre the climate and UV rays have faded, you’ll want this done on a day that is bright and sunny. A day when there is little to no wind is optimal preferences, and a time when there is no rain expected for a day would be ideal, but not required. A sunny day with no rain will allow your house and the surrounding area dry thoroughly.

 Any time of the year when there are season changes is a great time to get this done. This could be three to four times each year, getting the winter washed off, getting the spring dust washed off, brighten up what the summer sun has dulled, etc.

 Having a professional pressure washing service when placing your Ohio house on the market is always worth the investment. A potential buyer is more enticed to look at a house that is bright and clean along with a well-manicured lawn.