Hiring A Professional Roof Cleaning Service Should Be On Your Regular Home Maintenance List

When you clean your house, mow the lawn, change the air filter, change the batteries in the smoke alarms, window cleaning San Diego home, and all the other basic household maintenance chores, do you think about the need for roof cleaning San Diego home? Probably not, and you’re not alone. Most homeowners don’t give the roof two seconds of thought until there is a hailstorm or a leak.

But the roof should get more attention, as should gutter cleaning San Diego homes. It may surprise you to see the dirt, dust, grime and other things that are on your roof. No, you can’t always see it from the ground, so you may think all is well. However, if you were to climb up there and walk around, looking at the shingles, and under them, the amount of dirt and stuff that built up and started growing alga and other bacteria would astonish you.

So, if you have thought that hiring a professional roof cleaning service is above and beyond the duty of homeownership, think again. And if you’re thinking that you’ll just do the job yourself, really think about that again! And now you’re asking us “why” to both statements, and we’re going to tell you why

Protection For Your Roof

Roof algae are the biggest concern and if you live in a humid area, it is an even bigger concern. What does roof algae look like? That is those black streaks you’re seeing on your roof and is it unattractive, making your home look dirty and old.More than that, it is damaging your roof. Alga thrives on the products used to make shingles and it is laying there eating away at your roof.

Roof Cleaning Methods

A professional roof cleaning service will have two methods of cleaning roofs: hard wash or soft wash. The hard wash method is using a pressure washing San Diego roofs that removes the algae, dirt, lichen, mildew, mold, and moss. The soft wash method uses chemicals as well that removes all of that and rinse off with a softer power of water.

Avoid Costly Repairs

In summary, by having your roof professionally roof clean is an effective way to extend the lifespan of your roof. This will keep more money in your bank account by not having to have it repaired or replaced, and it will keep you safe by not having to climb a ladder, toting equipment and supplies up with you, then standing on a wet sloping roof with the chance of slipping.

Other household chores you may want to consider hiring a professional to do would be holiday lighting service San Diego area.  Holiday lighting San Diego services are becoming more and more common each year as homeowners and business owners realize the liability they are taking by doing this themselves.