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Hack for High Society Events

Are you going a weekend away to a luxe wedding party event? This time around, though, it’s a beach destination wedding. It’s a high society event where you’re expected to look the likes of Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge – Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. Afraid that you may seem out of place and have no experience dressing up for high society events

Here are a few hacks to shedding away your everyday frumpy look and getting your high class on: 

  1. Stay crease-free: There’s an instant gratifying feeling when you put on clothes that have been crisply ironed and are crease-free. In high-society, people tend to look down on those who have crumpled up clothes. They see it as a sign of indiscipline and bad parenting in childhood. Crumbled clothes give the look of a lack of self-grooming. So whenever you’re heading to a high society event – the least you can do is get a good ironing service done or get one of those smoke irons. Carrying a portable one in your luggage for last-minute ironing is one of the best travel essentials for a tension-free vacay. 
  2. Always wear clothes that match the weather: The one mistake people make is dressing according to the season. The destination of the event might be a place that is currently experiencing winter. However, piling one layer of clothing even when the sun is out and shining bright would be nothing short of foolishness. On the day of the event, always look up for the day’s weather predictions and dress up accordingly. 
  3. Accessories: Some people have a tendency to over-accessorize. Less is always more in high society. Dainty pieces or statement pieces are the one thing they swear by and to achieve a rich look always go for dainty statement pieces of good quality. You will leave a very good expression for the guests’ faces. 
  4. Smell Good Always: Everyone emits a smell of their own. Each body has a smell. Always carrying a unique exquisite piece of scent that goes alongside your personality can say a lot about you as a person. Invest in a good perfume. Apart from perfume, exercise a good dental routine and carry along a spray mint to keep your mouth fresh and foul smell-free.
  5. Stock up on stockings: Look at any outfit that the Duchess of Sussex and Cambridge or any of the royals wear on an everyday basis or even for occasions. They always certainly have on stockings, tights for the plus size fishnet stockings, plus size seamed stockings and even nylon stockings if you are on the plus size side of the weight spectrum. 

Taking care of these few hacks could instantly up your luxurious, high society quotient. These will make you look completely put together.