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Glam up with these trending hold ups styles

If you look forward to trying some retro style fashion accessory, then what can better than the hold-ups. The terminology might sound a bit confusing to you, so here’s a brief to it. This accent commonly comes with a silicone band on the inner side that ensures that the product stays up by itself. Most of the women pair the accessory with an open crotch pantyhose or sheer knickers to add that glam look. Once you put on them, it eliminates the need to wear any suspender belt.


You can buy holds ups online in the UK from popular online hosiery stores like I want tights. They have a massive collection of plus size hold ups, seamed hold-ups, fishnet hold-ups, lace top hold-ups, and much more. Not only that, they look fantastic, but they are also an excellent option for styling and supporting a variety of outfits. No doubt, you get something elegant for your wardrobe. 

For a better idea, we have put together a brief breakdown of the different styles that are available on online hosiery stores.

Lace top hold-ups 

lace top hold ups

Plenty of stunning and intricating styles come in this category with an elasticated upside. Styles that can be found are contemporary and vintage. Also, they are known to add elegance and luxury look to any outfit you wear during any season. It can commonly be paired with sheer knickers for a show-stopping effect.

Plus size hold-ups 

plus size hold ups

They also come in a variety of styles and are merely favoured by those who want to wear stockings without any clip or fastening belt. Yes, they are stylish, comfortable, and come in dense fabric. Certainly, plus size hold-ups are perfect for plus-size women in every way.

Seamed hold-ups 

seamed hold ups

These hold-ups are designed in such a way that they offer a smooth and sharp finish to the legs. You can buy these hold-ups online in the UK and choose from hundreds of classic styles for a modern twist. Besides, vibrant colours and creative edge add as an extra element. Seamed hold ups were highly popular in the early 1940s and are still in trend. So they will never go out of fashion.

Fishnet hold-ups

fishnet hold ups

Fishnet style has been a staple of the outfit industry as fashion show stoppers even opt them. Mostly, crafted in a net-like pattern, these hold-ups are guaranteed to grab attention while giving a luxe look. I want tights store has a unique collection of fishnet styled hold-ups from classic to the wide net that can compliment any outfit you wear.

Here and now, you can buy hold ups online in the UK easily that is highly suitable for both summer and winter months. And the range of styles and colour options available on online hosiery stores like I want tights will let you go for that extra glam! So what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite today and hit the party with that graceful retro look.