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Get Your Ears Noticed With Ear Studs For Women


Ear makeup is not new. With the pandemic around, people cover their faces with masks. And, their ears are the only thing that’s visible. Ear makeup has broken beyond the realms of social media. The face mask might have shaken up the real face makeup. But, it has given rise to ear makeup. And, ear studs for women have played an important role in this.


Today is the right time to adorn your ears with jewels, patterns, and embellishments. Accessories like stud earrings for women are on the hit list. From the heart stud earrings to ear studs for women, you can find a whole range of varieties knocking on your doors.

Ear makeup emerged a while ago but it wasn’t that popular. However, with stylish masks and trending patterns, ear makeup has become popular. With this, the demand for wholesale stud earrings rose.

Let’s have a look at the type of stud earrings to adorn your ears with!

  • Gold dipped heart studs
  • Teddy bear stud earrings
  • Strawberry stud earrings
  • Metal cutout heart post earrings
  • Resin heart stud earrings
  • Fuck off stud earrings
  • Mushroom stud earrings
  • Mini abstract stud earrings
  • Rhinestone square post earrings
  • Circle cross stud earrings
  • Saturn planet stud earrings
  • Daisy flower stud earrings
  • Crochet flower stud earrings
  • Antique portrait stud earrings
  • Rose stud earrings
  • Flower drop earrings
  • Mushroom post earrings
  • Flower stud earrings
  • Mini flame stud earrings
  • Mini happy face stud earrings
  • Mini alien head stud earrings
  • Mini pineapple stud earrings
  • Mini strawberry stud earrings
  • Western square stud earrings

Best Sellers on Shop Girly

  • Mini cherry stud earrings
  • Mini flower stud earrings
  • Mini heart stud earrings
  • Half-moon face stud earrings
  • Mini snake stud earrings
  • Mini car stud earrings
  • Sombrero stud earrings
  • Sun face stud earrings
  • Camera stud earrings
  • Happy face stud earrings
  • Cursive fuck stud earrings
  • Knitted houndstooth heart earrings
  • Oval stone post earrings
  • Mini heart card earrings
  • Chill pill stud earrings
  • Linked flower stud earrings
  • Bow post earrings
  • Stone heart stud earrings
  • Checkered heart stud earrings
  • Mini yin yang heart earrings
  • Epoxy heart stud earrings
  • Butterfly oval stud earrings
  • Flower portrait earrings
  • Frog post earrings
  • Mop cloud stud earrings
  • Alien stud earrings
  • Evil eye stud earrings

Some more types you can find on Shop Girly

  • Gold dipped heart with eyes post earrings
  • Matte heart post earrings
  • Linked G post earrings
  • Rhinestone mini sun earrings
  • Resin epoxy heart stud set
  • Kid jewelry smiling cloud clip earrings
  • Rainbow clip earrings
  • Moon and star studs
  • Open heart pearl earrings
  • Bullhead stud earrings
  • Gold dipped love earrings
  • Happy face studs
  • Mini evil eye circle earrings
  • Checker cube earrings
  • Cutout smiley face post earrings
  • Flower heart drop earrings
  • Heart belly bear earrings

Since face masks cover most of your face, ear makeup can be paired with eye makeup. You can match your stud earrings with your eye shadow shades. That’s a piece of good news for everyone who wants to explore their creativity through makeup.

If you’re still struggling to imagine yourself in these stud earrings, buy one and try it. Don’t forget to share a picture along with your feedback. You’ll find a lot of online stores where you can get your favorite stud earrings set. From minimalist looks to graphic lines, floral patterns, and layering, you can add so much to your ears.

Adorn your ears with love!