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The ‘Broccoli Cut’ And Other Gen Z Hair Trends, Explained

The 'Broccoli Cut' And Other Gen Z Hair Trends, Explained

Nailing down what defines “Gen Z style” isn’t easy, especially when you’re living it.

We thrive on eclecticism and individualism, drawing from TikTok, K-pop, and a range of slang that might leave millennials scratching their heads.

This ethos extends to our approach to fashion and beauty, where traditional gender norms are boldly rejected.

Take, for example, the quirky, whimsical, and often bizarrely named viral hairstyles and trends bubbling up among us.

I recently came across a Google trend report that highlighted the most-searched Gen Z hairstyles, with the “wet mop haircut” and the “broccoli haircut” topping the list.

Despite our commitment to unique styles, we draw significant inspiration from ‘90s and early 2000s trends, resurrecting looks that millennials first popularized — think butterfly clips, baby braids, and claw clips.

If you’re like me and still struggle to grasp “cheugy” and think of “the Rachel” as the epitome of a trendy hairstyle, this guide is for you.

Here’s my take on nine hair trends we love right now.

The Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut

Image Credit: Pinterest

The wolf cut is a cross between a shag and a mullet.

I first noticed it on Miley Cyrus, but it also has vibes of ’60s Jane Fonda.

It’s a unisex, edgy cut that looks great with any hair texture.

To style it, I use a good volumizing spray and matte wax, and let my hair air dry—it’s the anti-blowout cut.

The ‘Wet Mop’ or ‘Broccoli’ Cut

Wet Mop' or 'Broccoli' Cut

Image Credit: Pinterest

The “wet mop” and the “broccoli” haircut are essentially the same.

These are the go-to cuts for young heartthrobs on TikTok.

The style features long hair on top with closely cropped or faded sides.

This silhouette has evolved over the decades, from buzzed sides with a mohawk in the 2000s to longer hair with a man bun in the 2010s. Today, it’s characterized by shaggy or curly bangs with a nod to ’90s styles and a K-pop twist.

Natural Texture

Natural Texture

Image Credit: Pinterest

We’re all about embracing and enhancing our natural beauty.

If you have naturally curly hair, like me, you’ll want to rock those curls proudly.

Everything is about effortless, natural looks.

Y2K Nostalgia

Y2K Nostalgia

Image Credit: Pinterest

Even though we didn’t experience Y2K, we’re nostalgic for it.

Every generation yearns for the “simple time” before they were born, and we’re no different.

Y2K-inspired accessories like barrettes and claw clips are trendy now, and I predict that pigtails and pigtail braids will become popular in the summer, offering a fun and fresh style for the hotter seasons.

Middle Parts

Middle Parts hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

This one is well-known: we prefer middle parts over side parts.

Middle parts are huge with us.

Both boys and girls are embracing this look, favoring an effortless style with minimal volume.

This trend is expected to continue for a few more years.

Baby Braids

Baby Braids hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

Effortless hair is always in style, but there’s more playfulness in our trends.

Baby braids—skinny, face-framing braids—add flair to simple hairstyles.

They are also practical for those growing out bangs or trying to keep short layers out of their face.

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Image Credit: Pinterest

Why pin your bangs away with a basic bobby pin when you can load up with barrettes?

We love accessories.

Hair accessories are seen as a statement and a form of expression.

Even simple, practical items like claw clips come in various colors and patterns, making it easy to express yourself while keeping your hair out of your face.

Short Hair

Short Hair


Image Credit: Pinterest

Short haircuts, especially on feminine-presenting folks, are all about power and showing off the face.

It’s a way of saying, “I’m still feminine and gorgeous and don’t need to be attached to long hair.”

Our style is a blend of nostalgic influences and modern, individualistic trends.

Whether it’s embracing natural textures, revisiting Y2K accessories, or experimenting with bold haircuts, we’re redefining beauty standards in our own unique way.

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