Exploring a New Business Dimension with an On Demand Multi Service App

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The present times are no short of an epoch of continuous digital growth and Artificial Intelligence dependence. Each one of us rely on one app or the other right from the time that we get out of bed in the morning and through the day up until the time we tuck ourselves back in (and some even after that). As more and more technological advancements are being made to shorten the gap between convenience, work and play, mobile apps such as the Gojek Clone are reining supreme. 

Starting a business today seems extremely easy because with the help of the internet, one can practically accomplish just about anything. However, the problem with the modern era is not the lack of information, but the abundance of it. 

This means that each time an entrepreneur looks at the internet for some information; he is most likely to be bombarded with so much information that instead of helping him or her out with pertinent information regarding multiple service in a single app, he will only end up being even more confused than when he started. 

Dealing with the Information Age

The problem of over information is persistent. With the growing migration of people from multiple apps to a single app offering multiple services is on the rise, it has become very evident that more and more developers and app development companies across the world have started building their own on demand multi service app like Gojek. To make sure that from this crowd of multiple apps an entrepreneur can select the right app, one has to understand how to deal with the age of Information. 

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The first thing that you must do is to make sure that you filter your choices. If you are searching for a reliable on demand mobile app development company that builds the Gojek Clone, filter your search in a way that you only short list companies that meet all the listed criteria:

  1. The company in question should be a white label on demand mobile app Development Company. 
  2. The company should have at least 6 to 8 years of experience in building and launching on demand apps.
  3. The Company should have a history of having launched at least over a thousand apps. 
  4. The company in question should have the app already in a ready state so that you can take it for a live on road test before you buy it. 
  5. The company should offer to provide you with the source code of the app with the purchase without any additional charges.
  6. The company should take the responsibility of launching the app for you on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. 
  7. The company should assign a project manager to your assignment so that you can oversee the process of white labeling with your logo and brand name and re skinning with your company colors while it is being set up for your business. 

New Approach for business

For eons now, people have liked to conduct business in a linear fashion. An entrepreneur provides goods and services and the user buys it. Simple. However, business diversification ahs opened new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Today people don’t have to restrict themselves to a single type of business opportunity because an app like Gojek encompasses the potential of so many different kinds of services within its folds. 

Taxi Booking Services

These sections of the app works pretty much exactly like Uber. It allows users who have downloaded and logged in to the app to create their own profiles. Once the profile is built, the user can flick on the app at any time and enter the prick up and drop destination to book a taxi. Once the prick and drop locations are entered, the app enables the user to select from a vehicle type, such as bike taxi, hatchback car, sedan or an SUV based on their budget and the number of people driving.

On Demand Parcel Delivery

This section of the app will enable the user to make sure that they can send parcels instantly. Now, the app is so customizable that it will empower a user to send any kind of item from either one place to another or from one place to multiple places. They may choose to send across some papers or envelopes or even a hundred bags of cement. 

On Demand Store Based Delivery

This is perhaps the most important section of the app. This will allow users to purchase things online and get them delivered to their doorstep. This model will work for any business that has a store front. For example, on demand food delivery from restaurants, on demand grocery delivery, on demand alcohol delivery, on demand bottled water delivery, on demand pharmacy items delivery, on demand medicinal marijuana delivery and so on and so forth. 

Hire Service Providers On Demand

This is the section that deals with empowering the users to hire service providers using the app. Whether the user has a need to hire an electrician or a plumber or even a doctor, this section will empower him or her to do so. On Clicking on this section, the user will be able to see a list of all the services that are being offered from this app. The user can then simply click on the service needed and find a service provider that suits their required skill set and budget. 


Using a multi service mobile app like the Gojek Clone is definitely a unique and new approach to business. It helps people in making sure that they can get any service that they want delivered to their doorstep just with the help of a few clicks on their smart phone while also enabling the app owner (business owner/ entrepreneur) to earn handsomely with a minimum amount of investment.