Different Types of Packing Tapes and its Uses

packaging tapes

Be it any industry in the world adhesive tapes plays an important role. This stands true for the packaging and transporting industry which depends on adhesive tapes to pack and secure the cargo. There are numerous types of adhesive packaging tapes in the market each specializing in different areas of expertise. It is important to understand the different varieties and choose accordingly. This is to ensure that the cargo is safely secured with the right type of packing tape. 

We compiled a list of different types of packing tapes to help you understand them better and choose the right one as per your requirement.

Paper Tape

Paper tapes are one of the most common packing tapes in the market. These adhesive tapes are very popular and help in the basic packing needs of everyday items or office stationery and others. Paper tapes are very economical and easy to handle and work with. These adhesive tapes are quite resilient and strong which can secure and protect wide varieties of products. Even in paper tapes, you will find different varieties, sizes, and strengths. For e.g. some paper tapes are reinforced with additional fibers to make it more sturdy and robust.

Duct Tape

One of the very famous and popular packing tapes is the duct tape. It’s incredible strength and durability is unmatched by any other variety of tape. Duct tape comes in different varieties depending on its usage. Along with being strong and durable, duct tape lasts for a longer time as well. Duct tape is widely used for numerous household, commercial and industrial purposes. Another reason for the popularity of duct tape is that it is water-resistant and hence can be used in repairs and sealing.

Vinyl Tape

Vinyl tape is extensively used in almost every industry. In the case of vinyl tape as well you will be able to find quite a few varieties as per the utility. For example vinyl electrical tapes are used to insult electrical wiring and others which help conduct electricity. You can also find double-sided vinyl tape which is extremely helpful in binging and joining. Vinyl tapes come in different sizes and you can choose as per your individual requirements.

Plastic Tape

Plastic tape is an all purpose tape which is widely used to help hold papers, small office documents and help repair minor tears and rips. Although it lacks the strength and robustness when compared to other types of packing tapes. This acts as an advantage as you can easily remove it without damaging the product. Hence this type of tape is used on sensitive objects as there is not fear or any distortion or damage to the surface when applied. Plastic tape is one of the most common and used packaging materials.

Water Activated Tape

When packing goods and cargo in cardboard carton boxes, one of the most widely used packing tape is the water activated tape. As the name suggests, the adhesive on the tape gets activated only when it comes in contact with water. Once dried, it helps bind the cardboard boxes and creates a seal-like lock. This cannot be removed without damaging the packing tape itself. It is generally made of Kraft paper and helps secure the cargo by providing a layer of protection which cannot be tampered with. This also acts as a deterrent against theft during the transit.

We hope that we have been able to help you in understanding the different varieties of packing tapes and its respective uses. Make sure to choose the right packing tape which suits your needs and requirements. Each variety of packing tape has been industrially designed and built to meet the various demands of the packaging industry.

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