Detailed Guide to Yoga Teacher Insurance

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Yoga teachers put in countless hours to perfect yoga poses and teach them to other students. It would be terrible if anything happens to any student in the yoga class. It can lead to a case against you and affect your livelihood. So, you have to take Yoga Teacher Insurance Australia. Yoga insurance will help you to protect against various matters. 

What is yoga insurance?

Yoga insurance Australia provides liability coverage for yoga teachers. It protects the teachers against issues that may arise in their yoga business. This will cover you if any student breaks his body part and sue you as a result. There are two types of liability insurance, general liability insurance, and professional liability insurance. 

General Liability Insurance 

It protects the yoga teachers from claims for property damage and bodily injury. This insurance also provides coverage for personal and advertising injury claims. 

Yoga Teacher Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions insurance. It protects the teachers against claims when their service results in physical or financial harm to the clients.

What does yoga teacher insurance cover?

Yoga insurance provides coverage against an accident result in the harm of your student. It protects when your instructions cause harm to the students. Your student damages property and error that cause financial loss to your clients. 

General Liability Insurance Covers:

  • A client slipping and falling in your yoga class and then he sues you for that. 
  • Any wall painting crashes to the ground while trying to do a pose. 
  • Dislocation of a student’s shoulder when you are trying to stretch it. 

Professional Liability Insurance Covers:

  • A student gets injured due to your instruction to hold a pose. 
  • It covers the necessary compensation costs for lost revenue to the studio.

What about equipment?

In most cases, the yoga teacher insurance provides coverage for damaged or stolen equipment. The equipment coverage is known as the “inland marine insurance” and helps to cover the repair cost. So, in case your yoga mats, oils, foam blocks get stolen, you can get coverage for them easily. For example, you have a speaker in your studio to play music. If that broke then you can file a claim for the replacement cost. 

On the Ending Note Yoga Australia Insurance is a must for every yoga teacher to protect your business against any kind of damage. Get yoga insurance from a reliable and well-renowned insurance company.