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Considerable Points While Selecting Bands for Your Apple Watch

apple watch sport band

When it comes to comparing the best smartwatches of current times, no other brand can beat Apple. Features like retina display, electrical and optical sensors, elevation and ECG with precise results make it distinctive from the rest of the brands. With new editions, you will get more advanced features but what about the style statement? Apple is not just about advanced technology but also a luxurious gadget brand. They gave us options to change the straps according to personal preferences. You can equip different straps with the same dial. Choose an Apple watch sport band for outdoor activities whereas classic band for formal meetings. At the official store of Apple, you will get a limited number of options. However, online sellers like iStrap can provide you with much better options. After buying a smartwatch, consider these important factors for the selection of right bands. 

Material Selection 

  1. Silicone straps 

Silicone is among the skin-friendly, soft and flexible substances. Also, it comes in an attractive range of colours. Along with flexibility, it is also durable enough to survive normal wear and tear of every day. Silicone straps are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. However, vibrant colour options make them ideal for casual wear. 

Silicone straps
  1. Nylon fabric straps 

Nylon is among the most robust and flexible materials used in making the best sport bands. Straps weaved with nylon fabric can survive in extreme conditions. If you are a sportsman who needs Apple watch to monitor daily steps, heart rate, ECG and all other physical statistics, it is advisable to go with the option of long fabric. These long lasting straps are also available in multiple colours. Some sports bands are also available in silicone material but nylon is more feasible. 

Nylon fabric straps
  1. Leather straps 

If you are looking for a formal option to wear in the workspace, choose leather straps. Leather gives a luxurious style statement along with a formal look. Your Apple Smartwatch will look exactly like a classic wristwatch. Select a classic analogue theme to give it a perfect look exactly as classic analogue watches. 

Leather straps
  1. Metal straps 

When it comes to luxury, you can also choose a metal strap along with leather. From matt to shiny texture, they are available in multiple options. Generally, all-metal straps are made up of stainless steel. For luxury enhancement, they electroplate steel metal with rose gold, yellow gold or matt black colour. 

Metal straps

Price Factor 

When it comes to the price factor, silicone straps are the most affordable options. Options like apple pink sand sport band come in this category. They are available in vibrant colour options suitable for both formal and casual wear. On the other hand, the sport strap of apple watch comes in the mediocre range. They are tough, flexible and long lasting. Steel straps come in third place. Leather is the most expensive option available in Apple Smartwatch straps. The cost varies on the basis of colour and leather material you ar4e selecting.  

Durability Factor 

Nylon is among the most durable options available for your Apple watch. The Apple watch sport strap is robust to survive in almost every outdoor condition. Metal and leather straps are expensive but they need more care. 

You can see that a single dial of your Apple Smartwatch is customizable with countless options of designer straps. It is advisable to choose at least one band form all categories of material to flaunt your style accordingly. While choosing a strap, check the brand reputation because inferior-quality bands can expose your expensive smartwatch to the threats of damages.