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Can athletes consume kratom?

athletes consume kratom

Athletes across the globe are under tremendous pressure performing well at respective sports events. Therefore, these athletes need products that boost their physical performance naturally and give them motivation and a sense of calm.

One such product that has shown tremendous potential in boosting an athlete’s performance and refreshing their minds is Kratos. Apart from boosting physical strength, the compound motivates them to do better and enhances their cognitive ability. If someone who is a sportsperson wants to explore using Kratom in your daily routine, you should explore carolina kratom.

What is Kratom?

Kratom Is a naturally occurring compound sourced from the Kratom tree’s leaves. Various alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine give Kratom a unique alkaloid profile and multiple potential therapeutic and medicinal benefits

It is crucial to note that cotton trees are abundantly grown in south-east Asia. The location where these trees are grown, the moisture, weather condition, and exposure to the sun plays a vital role in altering the alkaloid profile of the ingredients. 

Therefore, there are multiple Kratom strains available in the market, and each strain offers a different property to the user. Users can explore the red, green, and white strain of Kratom depending on its properties and medical requirements.

It is crucial to understand that research and human trials on Kratom use are limited, and all the properties of Kratom mentioned are based on emerging evidence from ongoing studies.

Is Kratom useful for athletes? 

Historically, Kratom tree leaves were chewed by the natives of south-east Asia to remain active, deal with fatigue and enhance their work performance. Additionally, natives would also use Kara Tom leaves to stay alert, feel motivated, and boost energy.

In today’s day and age, athletes belonging to different sports need a boost of energy and motivation to do well in sports. Thus the stimulating properties of Kratom and its relaxing effects can help an athlete improve their overall performance and well-being. 

The legality of Kratom:

Before understanding how crime can help athletes, it is essential to understand if Kratom usage is prohibited in sports or not. For several years WADA was monitoring Kratom and had limited the use of the compound in sports. However, as of 2018, Kratom is not a prohibited substance in sports and is no longer monitored by WADA. So technically, Kratom is not banned by the authorities.

However, sports associations and experts advise athletes to be aware of kratom usage as there is a chance that certain events or associations might not allow its use. Therefore if an athlete is participating, if they explicitly ban the usage of Kratom, they must be aware of it and stay clear of Kratom for that particular event to avoid any troubles.

Benefits of using Kratom for athletes:

Kratom has multiple therapeutic and medicinal benefits; however, let us specifically highlight the potential properties of Kratom that might be beneficial for athletes:

  • Deal with Anxiety: It is well established that professional athletes and Sportspersons suffer immense anxiety as they face tough competition and pressure to perform well. Therefore to deal with anxiety and perform well, it is essential that they are calm and not stressed. A product like Kratom can help them deal with this anxiety and calm them before their performance.
  • Elevating mood: The person who will perform in an important sports event or athletics event must be in a good mood and positive spirit. The mood-enhancing properties of Kratom can help a person feel positive. This positivity and an enhanced attitude can make a person feel more motivated, happy, and optimistic about performance. This way, an enhanced mood can help an athlete do well in their event.
  • Pain management: Athletes have to train extensively and often develop injuries and homes. These injuries and wounds can often make them experience chronic pain, which can be very difficult. Therefore, a person must invest in a natural product, Kratom, rather than exposing their body to harmful chemicals and drugs to deal with pain. The active alkaloids in Kratom have pain-relieving properties and can help a person be repaired. Experts suggest that 2 to 3 g of Kratom powder can help people deal with joint pain, muscular pain, and other severe pains.
  • Boost of energy: The historical records show that natives of Southeast Asia would often chew raw Kratom leaves to remain active and stay away from laziness and fatigue. Therefore when an athlete is about to perform in an event and is seeking a natural way to boost energy, they can invest in a product like Kratom. Kratom naturally gives a boost of energy to a person and additionally enhances their cognitive skills. Thus, an athlete can remain alert and active in performing any particular sport or event using Kratom.

Things to consider before using Kratom:

An athlete should only consume a prescribed amount of Kratom. The dose must be the same as specified by an expert, depending on the person’s requirement.

Suppose they are traveling to another destination to participate in an event; they must be aware of the region’s local laws. Even though most countries have not banned the use of Kratom, several countries have different laws governing its usage. Therefore if a person is traveling to a foreign country, they must be aware of the rules regarding carrying and using Kratom.

Apart from local laws, a player must be aware of the rules and regulations of the event they are participating in. There is a possibility that certain events might not approve Kratom usage. Therefore a person should be careful of the rules and regulations and use Kratom only after going through them.

Risks of Kratom usage:

Kratom is a powerful substance, and excessive use can lead to unwanted and unnecessary consequences. Even though Kratom has a safe medical profile and has not showcased any fatal side effects, its usage must be done after consultation with an expert. The FDA published a public health advisory in 2017, asking people to be aware and be cautious when using Kratom. 

Some mild side-effects of Kratom abuse include nausea, dizziness, headache, dry ice, dry mouth, etc.

A final word on the use of Kratom by athletes:

Athletes can explore kratom to make the most of its potential properties. However, they must consume only a prescribed dose of the compound and not overindulge. Kratom has a promising future and can help athletes improve their mental and physical health.