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Birthday Celebration Ideas in Budget

Birthday Celebration Ideas

Whether it’s your birthday or the birthday of someone close to you, it’s a reason to party your heart out. While the fun and frolic time you are going to have is unimaginable, it’s the expenses that are a worrying factor.

Hosting a grand birthday party or having an outdoor birthday picnic, or anything lavish cost money. However, if you are like us, who loves to have all the birthday fun without blowing fortune then this is the place for you. We have listed a few ways to celebrate birthdays in budget because it’s the good times that matter and not the money.

 Moreover, when you can have a gala time within your budget, then why go out of the way in terms of finances? So, take inspiration and plan the birthday parties following these ideas for more joy and less financial problems.

 1) Party At Home: If you wish to throw a birthday party, choose your home as a venue to save cost. Home is always the best venue you can have for a party. You can throw a rooftop birthday party or you can turn the garden, backyard into an outdoor venue with the help of kids birthday party planners. Most homes have spacious parking lots that can serve as an excellent location. Decorate the location, set up the music system, have a table for food and cake, and party hard.

 2) Delicious Cake: For a birthday, a cake is a must. The most cost-effective way is to bake a cake at home. With a few ingredients available, you can bake a cake and a lot of cake recipes are there on the internet. However, the challenge is most of you are not good with baking or only wish to eat a cake from a reputed bakery. Well, we understand your sentiments. So, always look for a bakery providing cakes at affordable prices with free-shipping benefits. Place the order of the cake one day before to avoid extra midnight or same-day charges. All these will save you money. Lastly, make sure the chosen bakery provides online cake delivery where you live.

 3) Give Handmade Gifts: Handmade gifts always have an edge over the materialistic pleasures. Because birthdays are incomplete without gifts and return gifts, handcraft something to save expenses. If you are born with creative fingers, you need no assistance. But, if you are not, look for easy DIY tutorials. You can make a jar of notes, small greeting cards, a box of chocolates and candies with messages, etc.

 4) Plan Inexpensive Food Menu: The idea is to plan a birthday party in budget; therefore, serve home cooked food. The happiness of eating home cooked food is much greater than any posh restaurant. Cook any cuisine you are good at or the favourite dishes of the birthday person, etc. Take help from someone, like your mom or friend or the Internet.

5) Keep The Guest List Low: More invitees means more expense. Keep your guest list limited so that you can have a birthday party at a small location with minimum food and gifts. Also design e-invites or handmade invites. Plan homemade games and party decorations.

With these ideas, you can plan a fun-filled birthday within budget. Good luck! 

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