Best Shows On Netflix The Entire Family Can Watch in 2022


Once upon a time, “family viewing” meant gathering everyone in front of the television at a set time. Today, however, the family viewing experience is way more flexible thanks to the wonderful world of TV streaming. Granted, you’ll still need to gather everyone in one general area – and maybe try to keep your kids off their devices. 

Popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Dish TV, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Flex TV,   are plenty of options ideal for fun, entertaining, and sometimes educational family viewing experiences. Below, we shine the spotlight on Netflix shows the entire family can watch in 2022.

Blown Away

Dive into the world of glass-blowing in a way that’s truly captivating with this educational Netflix series. The twist on the centuries-old art form highlighted here is there’s also a competition element thrown in. Top glass artists race against the clock to crank out beautifully elaborate creations.

Suitable for: all ages

Floor Is Lava

In a nutshell this is a family-oriented contest show where contestants make their way through a series of obstacles. Sure, it’s a super-simple premise. Nonetheless, it became a massive hit during the early days of the pandemic. This explains why Netflix is bringing it back for a second season.

Suitable for: all ages

Our Planet

Learn some great things about the third rock from the sun we call home with this highly praised and beautifully presented Netflix series. Its stunning visuals and exceptional narration from David Attenborough make it a perfect choice for an entertaining educational program the entire family can enjoy.

Suitable for: all ages

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Based on a popular book series and TV show that educated and delighted late 20th century kids, this Netflix series brings the magic back to life for a new generation. Miss Frizzle is the teacher on board the bus that provides a uniquely wonderfully creative and immersive educational experience.

Suitable for: 3 and up

Dragons: Race to the Edge

This Netflix series is a great way to introduce your kids to DreamWorks’ Dragons franchise. And if your kids are already fans of “How to Train Your Dragon,” they’ll instantly recognize some of their favorite characters. The series goes even further by expanding on this fictional world.

Suitable for: 3 and up

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Netflix presents a multi-season journey with this show that blends fantasy with action along with justice delivered by delightfully inspiring heroes. A live-action series based on the same characters and general storyline is on the way. Netflix recently confirmed it’s in production in Canada, so be on the lookout as 2022 rolls on!

Suitable for: 7 and up

Carmen Sandiego

Both adults familiar with the original ’90s series and kids new to this witty detective series will appreciate this one. The Netflix update is crisply written and even more entertaining and binge-worthy than the original. This is largely due to an effort to develop the characters even more.

Suitable for: 7 and up

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

If the original “Jurassic Park” movies are a bit too jarring for your kids, this is a fantastic way to introduce them to the captivating dinosaurs in the modern world tale based on the Michael Crichton book and subsequent film series. The characters are diverse and well-developed and the storylines are fresh but still tied into the film series. Even more importantly, the dinos are super cool!

Suitable for: 7 and up

The Toys That Made Us

The editing is kind of jumpy and gimmicky with this one, but that’s part of the charm. Plus, it’s a style that works well given the subject matter. The series is all about the popular toys that have delighted and entertained several generations.

Suitable for: 7 and up

White Rabbit Project

If everyone in your family is familiar with the Mythbusters series, this one can easily become a fun fave. It’s actually a companion series featuring familiar faces, including the late Grant Imahara. It’s also an engaging way to explore everything from hot air balloons to hoverboards and many other technological marvels and curiosities.

Suitable for: 7 and up

In addition to the above live streaming options, you should also explore offline options. To know more about how you can catch your favourite movies and tv shows in an offline setting, please visit this website.