Best Guide To Know About Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal Trainer

Insurance is a pretty tricky game, and these days, many different professions require to have their insurance. Well, many a time, people in many professions don’t realize that they are not even aware of the fact that they need protection. 

Well, when you were going through the process of attaining your certification for becoming a personal fitness trainer, did anyone tell you all about the personal trainer insurance? No? Well, don’t worry. You are never too late to learn about something new. 

Here, we will take you on the rundown to everything you need to know about the personal trainer insurance. So, let’s roll and have a look at all of it. 

Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal Trainer Insurance- What It Is?

The main idea behind personal trainer insurance is to protect your business from any third-party liability claims that may arise due to your business operations. Such claims may include property damage or physical injury. 

How To Know If You Need Personal Trainer Insurance?

Well, you will know. If you are all set to train someone at a nearby private gym or even out of a gym chain, then your gym manager/owner will require you to go for insurance. Also, they would ask you to get them listed as additionally insured even before you start training. 

The idea behind listing your gym manager/owner on your policy is to ensure that in case if a lawsuit is filed against you, they are also protected. 

Don’t worry!! This does not mean that if your gym owner is sued for something, you would be in trouble too. This simply means that if you get sued for something, your gym owner is off the hook. 

Also, there might be times when your gym owner doesn’t ask you to get insured. Do not fall for that trap and always remember that it is an excellent practice to follow and protect yourself in case things go wrong. 

2 Types Of Personal Trainer Insurance Policies

Professional Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

Also known as errors & omission insurance, personal trainers need to have professional personal trainer liability insurance to keep themselves protected against claims made on their personal training business. 

General Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

Having a general personal training liability insurance is also a good idea for personal trainers. This insurance protects your business against a client’s claims of physical injuries, property damage, or any associated medical cost. 

What Should Your Personal Training Policy Include?

To ensure proper coverage on your insurance, make sure that the policy you wish to choose offers the following coverage. 

Look for these coverage in your online personal fitness trainer policy:

  • Professional personal trainer liability insurance
  • General personal trainer liability insurance
  • The choice to include additional insureds
  • The option to include inland marine coverage

How Much Is Personal Trainer Insurance For?

Well, when it comes to the cost of personal trainer insurance, it depends on your location. For example, personal trainer insurance in Australia will cost different from that of one in the USA. 

So, you should understand the cost and everything else before buying insurance correctly.