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Hoarding Clutter: A Biohazard Cleanup for Professionals

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Many people don’t seem to understand the term hoarding, including hoarders themselves. In some cases, people hoard items that are less harmful such as clothing, boxes, valuable, newspapers, and many more. While hoarding these items in large quantities has its own setbacks and dangers, you become highly vulnerable to contracting infectious diseases when hoarding biohazard materials. Cleaning a hoarder room filled with biohazard material requires the expertise of biohazard cleaning services Asheville NC

A hoarder’s room will most likely contain dangerous items as they always stock them in large quantities. Given the size of the hoarded items, cleaning and sanitizing certain spots in the room become rather impossible. This gives room for the growth of biohazards like bacteria, mold and feces, and urine from rodents. All these biohazards will find solace right under the hoarded items. However, if the hoard contains biohazardous components, the inherent health risks become even greater. 

What Constitute Hoarding Clutter

Trash and Garbage

There’s an old saying that goes thus: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. However, this adage doesn’t always apply to every situation. Some trash items are not worth it. These items should be left in the waste container for proper disposal. These include rotting food and contaminated items. Failing to dispose of the spoiled foods and items contaminated by residue makes the right condition for the growth of viruses and bacteria. This puts hoarders at serious health risk. 

Apart from the health risk associated with hoarding, property damage is yet another reason why you should call biohazard cleaning services Asheville NC. Rodents, pests, and other creatures can wreak havoc on a property by constructing nests, inviting family members to share the space with them, and eating away at support beams and insulation. 

Blood and Bodily Fluids

Exposure to contaminated blood is not only hazardous to people who come in contact with it but can also result in an epidemic that can spread quickly.  Contaminated blood contains harmful pathogens like MRSA, Hepatitis, and HIV as well as other viral diseases that are quick to spread. 

Bodily fluids such as urine, feces, semen, and puss are another source of harmful pathogens that can be deadly to people living around it should they come in contact with it. Hoarding used medical equipment can be dangerous.

Waste Products

When you think of waste products in hoarded homes, the first thing that comes to mind is waste from rodents, pets, and other animals. While this is a common thing to find in a hoarder’s home, it may surprise you to know that even homeowners are major contributors to waste product storage in the home. Homeowners who are guilty of this act, hoarding feces, urine, and vomit, will usually blame malfunctioning plumbing systems. Whether it is intentional or done due to neglect, hoarders should know that keeping these waste products in the home is totally unacceptable. Depending on how long human and animal waste has been in the home, it gives the room a bad odor. For complete remediation, contact at biohazard remediation service Washington and Oregon.