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Airport-Style Outfits to Rock in 2024

I know how frustrating it can be to get that perfect airport look.

You can say that it is a bit tricky. 

You want a comfortable look but don’t want to look like you are going to a nearby grocery store. 

Of course, I also know how challenging it is to decide on the outfits when you are living in a warm area, but you are going somewhere colder. 

If you are ready for your next trip, keep a few things in mind, even for a more extended flight. 

You need to take the opportunity to step up your style. 

Here are some airport travel outfits that you can consider to give a spark to your ideas – 

Activewear Set

Activewear Set outfits

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For a trip to a warm, sunny destination, an athletic set is perfect for the airport.

Athleisure sets are a go-to for comfortable and stylish travel outfits.

They’re ideal for the airport and also great if you plan to work out during your vacation. 

Pair the set with Uggs if you’re heading somewhere cold, or sneakers if you’re going to a warmer place.

Joggers and Tee

Joggers and Tee outfits

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When you wear joggers and a tee, it looks stylish if done right. 

Wear a white round-neck t-shirt featuring an amazing print.

Pair it with olive green jogger trousers for an elegant touch. 

The t-shirt fit contrasts nicely with the tailored feel of the joggers. 

It has an elasticated waistband and cuffs for added comfort. 

Complete the outfit with white high-rise casual shoes for a polished yet relaxed look.

Over-the-Shoulder Sweater with a Headband and Wide-Leg Denim

Over-the-Shoulder Sweater with a Headband and Wide-Leg Denim

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Get a perfect elevated yet casual travel look. 

Try wearing an over-the-shoulder sweater with a headband and wide-leg denim. 

Start with a thick black headband for a touch of ’90s/Y2K trendiness

Drape a powder-blue sweater over your shoulders for a sophisticated and stylish vibe. 

Pair this with wide-leg denim and finish the look with clogs or ballet flats. 

Add a classic watch for a touch of Princess Diana or Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy elegance.

T-Shirt, Jeans, Coat, and a Baseball Cap

T-Shirt, Jeans, Coat, and a Baseball Cap

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A baseball cap is a must for travel days. 

It saves time by eliminating the need to do your hair, and you’ll be glad wearing it.

When you try a long coat while traveling – it is a smart idea. Packing can be tricky, and it adds a touch of style. 

It can be a great time to wear your new barrel jeans. 

When it comes to footwear, any pair from your collection will look good with this outfit.

Beanie, Scarf, Trainers, and a Long Coat

Beanie, Scarf, Trainers, and a Long Coat

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When traveling from a cold area to another chilly destination, choose a long coat. 

Wear it with a beautiful and matching scarf and beanie. 

It is a simple yet comfortable outfit that is perfect for long days and layovers. 

Choose the baggiest denim for maximum comfort. 

Choose a fun pair of trainers that complements your scarf and beanie.

The look also works well with leggings or sweatpants for added comfort.

White T-Shirt with Trench Coat and Ballet Flats

White T-Shirt with Trench Coat and Ballet Flats

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Choose a classic outfit for a short flight.

Wear a white t-shirt with a trench coat and ballet flats.

The outfit is a capsule-wardrobe staple. 

Pair great denim with a classic white tee, a leather belt, and ballet flats. 

Add a trench coat, and for an extra layer, throw a sweater over the trench, eliminating the need for extra packing. 

This look is perfect for those airport meet-cutes everyone talks about.

Most Worst Wear to Avoid When Heading Out

Avoid wearing t-shirts and shorts

Avoid wearing t-shirts and shorts

I suggest not to wear just a T-shirt and shorts on a plane, even if you’re coming from a warm place. 

I know you want to wear something light, but the change in temperature can make you fall ill. 

A reality check – the airplane seats can be uncomfortable and dirty. 

Always bring a hoodie to create a barrier between you and the seat. 

You can use the hood to protect your hair from germs and also the temperature. 

Wearing Light When Going to a Colder Climate

Wearing Light When Going to a Colder Climate

Choose a dress in layers when flying, especially if you’re returning to a colder climate. 

Even if you’re traveling from a hot place, bring a jacket or heavier layer for the airport. 

It ensures you stay warm and comfortable upon arrival.

Rigid Jeans

Rigid Jeans

Don’t wear high-rise 100% cotton jeans when you are heading towards the airport. 

Those jeans can  sometimes be uncomfortable and restrictive, making your flight miserable. 

Instead, you can choose stretchy jeans for a more comfortable travel experience.

Uncomfortable Leggings

Skip wearing leggings with pearls all over. 

They can cause skin irritation during long flights. You feel uncomfortable. 

Choose simple leggings or track pants for a smoother, and more comfortable journey.

Light Shades

White clothing can be tempting but these are not practical for air travel. 

Choose the darker shades that won’t show stains as easily. 

How can I forget about the White pants?

Even if they are comfortable, they are a magnet for spills. 

Choose a darker, more forgiving color to avoid regrettable stains.

Avoid wearing heavy metals

Avoid wearing anything with metal to the airport.

It can include cap-toe shoes, belts with metal buckles, or jackets with zippers and snaps. 

Of course, you can easily go through security checks without unnecessary delays.

Don’t wear tight high-waisted jeans

Steer clear of tight, high-waisted jeans for flights.

They can dig into your stomach and make breathing difficult. 

Instead, choose casual outfits with some give, like leggings or pants with a comfortable waistband, for a more pleasant travel experience.

A Big “No” to Go Sockless

You can think about wearing socks through airport security to avoid walking barefoot. 

Even if you prefer ballet flats or other sockless shoes, keep a pair of socks in your tote. 

Bombas socks are great that provide a mini cushion at the heel to prevent slipping and blisters. 

Plus they add extra coziness.

Footwears with Complicated Laces

Don’t wear shoes with complicated laces or high-top styles. These are hard to take off and put on quickly. 

Slip-on shoes are a better choice, saving time and hassle at the TSA checkpoint.


I am sure about the things that when you wear a coordinated winter dress and a comfortable summer outfit – you actually style effortlessly. 

However, we miss one thing that is the perfect balance between comfort and style. 

Even if you are going out of the country or taking a short domestic trip, choose your outfits wisely. 

All I want is that you should stay comfortable and cool during your entire journey. 

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