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Advantages of Re-coating and Refurbishing Curtain Walling

Curtain wall spraying

What are curtain walls?

A curtain wall is usually made up of the aluminium framed wall. It is a thin frame curtain wall that can be attached to the commercial buildings or multi-stories. Typically, the curtain wall is lightweight and contains infill of either glass, metal panels or thin stones.

Initially, curtain walls were made up of steel but later the industry started using the aluminium frame, as aluminium is eco-friendly, which means it can be recycled and reused. Another reason for using aluminium is they are lightweight hence, reduces construction costs. It is also easy to keep the aluminium clean and well maintained. It does not rust, rot or tear and neither will it deform nor twist in shape. The third major advantage of using aluminium is it provides building an architecturally pleasing appearance.

curtain wall repair

Benefits/Advantages of using Curtain Walls:

Curtain walls have many advantages. Few have been listed below:

  • These panels can easily resist air and water infiltration, UV radiations and atmospheric pressure. They are very much energy efficient.
  • Curtain walls can be installed in any kind of building be it large or small depending upon preferences of an individual. The curtain walls being flexible can be installed across multiple floors.
  • Curtain walls are versatile, attractive and a modern option for your building exteriors.

Why is refurbishment important for a curtain wall?

Routine maintenance and curtain wall repair is essential for maintaining the efficiency and appearance of the curtain wall. It helps to maintain the performance and condition of the wall cladding. However, long term exposure and maintenance neglecting can degrade the appearance and functions of the curtain. The anodized aluminium present in the curtain walling system becomes dirty with the passage of time and cleaning without involving expert with inadequate products can destroy the life of curtain walls.

It also provides a cost-effective assurance that once again curtain walls can perform its function. Hence, for preserving the beauty and value of your building for a longer period, proactive maintenance is necessary.

Benefits of Curtain wall spraying

A curtain wall is the façade of any building and hence should look architecturally pleasing.

Curtain wall spraying provides a dramatic architectural effect to the building and also ensures that building is corrosion proof. Wall spraying has certain other advantages that have been listed below:

  • Makes curtain wall more durable.
  • Provides extra protection to the building and the metal surface of curtain walls.
  • Improves the appearance of the building.
  • Extends curtain walls life without much investment.

Refurbishing can be done effectively onsite. Professional companies have experts who can work to clean, repair and re-coat your curtain walling in-situ. ARS Ltd is a one-stop service provider that offers top quality servicing and has excelled in curtain wall refurbishment.

They aim to ensure that their service out-perform in terms of finish, quality, function and price.

Hope you had a good read. Stay tuned to know more about curtain wall repair and refurbishment.