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6 Factors to Consider While Buying an Apple Watch Band

The Apple watch strap band, probably one of the most bought accessories. One of the most premium accessories that totally change the appearance of an Apple watch. The technical side is one thing, but Apple is a brand that enables someone to portray a status symbol. It only completes when every attached accessory of an Apple watch amplifies it. 

Importance of Considering Different Factors

But that’s not always the case. Isn’t it? We tend to buy some accessories that we regret afterwards. Either it’s about the color, price, design, material anything, you should be fully satisfied with your purchase. It is even more important when you’re spending so much money. So, here’s an article to make you aware of all the factors involved in purchasing an Apple watch strap band. 

The Factors Involved

Let’s get straight to the factors to consider while buying an Apple watch strap band online. 

  • Size

As we know that an Apple watch comes in various sizes. The numbers are 38, 40, 42, and 44 mm. Each size of the Apple watch should correspond to the wrist size as well as the strap band size. Make sure to go through the length and width of the strap band to perfectly fit your wrist and the Apple watch dial. The lugs on the Apple Watch what the main deciders of the size of the Apple watch strap band are. 

Contradictory to the belief of many, the Apple watch strap band size influences its appearance on your wrist. 

  • Material

Then comes the material that you need to consider according to the preference. For example, the Apple watch sport loop band comes in different materials. You have an option to choose between nylon, fabric, metal, or leather. The metal on a chain-link bracelet can also be bought in the gold plated version.

Again, the material can influence not only the appearance but also the durability of your Apple watch. Different material strap bands need different types of maintenance for longevity. 

  • Color

Other than the material, the color of your Apple watch strap band influences the whole appearance. Color has the most number of options, as every type of Apple watch strap bands has multiple shades. For example, the Apple watch red sport loop is one of the most purchased strap bands because of its premium outline. The same way, the space grey chain link bracelet made of metal what is the most popular in its respective type. There’s no need to tell what color matches what personality as your individual preferences might differ. 

  • Pricing

According to the material and build quality, one can quickly figure out that the pricing would be different for every Apple watch band. Yes, and there is a vast difference. The Apple watch sport loop strap is the cheapest option you can buy. And the chain link metal bracelet with a gold plate is the most expensive one. So, you need to factor in the price to get to your favorite band. 

  • Edition

The edition of the Apple Watches decides the type of strap you need to attach with it. For example, the Apple watch series 3 and 4 have almost had similar accessories. Also, the sizes i.e., 38, 40, 42, and 44, have roughly identical strap bands. The 38 and 40 mm size house the similar size, and the same is the case with 42 and 44 mm, respectively. 

So, considering your addition and size of Apple watch is the first step while scrolling through the Apple watch strap band options. 

  • Design

The design on the strap band depends on the type. For example, the nylon band mostly comes in a plain color while the loop has some attractive colors made in fiber. So, consider the kind of design before buying it. 

With all these tips and tricks up your sleeve, we hope you won’t regret your decision to buy the most premium accessory with a watch.