5 Incredible Men’s Hairstyles To Get At The Best Barber Shop Near You

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Just like fashion, hairstyles come and go. There are dozens of styles that you can get from a barber shop near me. Some of them are new, while others have been here for a long time. It is possible that a hairstyle that was popular last year is no longer in trend. 

If you are someone who keeps on experimenting with your hairstyle, then there are trendy options that you should definitely try. Know about them and ask your men’s barber near you if they can help you get one. 

Here are some popular hairstyles that men can try to alter their look:

1. Medium Length Shag

The simplest way to introduce you to a shag haircut: A-shaped style with lots of layers. There are lots of waves, curls, and bangs. Although the hairstyle originally belongs to the 70s and 80s, it has made a comeback many times in the recent past. 

This type of hairstyle is apt for men with curly hair. It helps achieve a flattering shape to add movement. Apart from curly hair, individuals with straight hair can try medium-length shag. 

2. Buzzed Hard Part

In the hairstyle world, the hard part is a shaved part. Sometimes, it is also known as a razor part. What makes it different from standard styles is that the hairstyle type provides you with a clean-looking appearance. 

Different from the traditional soft part, the hard part is shaved into place. Also, the latter offers more contrast. 

3. Textured Crops

The hairstyle from the barber community, the crop has made its place in the mainstream industry, which means you can visit a barber shop in Alberta to get a haircut. Earlier, the style was popular in Europe and the US. However, it has taken over the whole world lately.  

What’s so special about textured crops?

It is stylish and easy to maintain. The haircut gives you a short hairstyle on the top with faded sides. If you wish to get more textured, try it with wax.


Named after the mistress of King Louis XV with Madame de Pompadour name, the hairstyle is a type where an individual has long hair on the top that is styled back. 

To get the style, tell your barber shop about the style. When it comes to styling your hair, comb them back. Apart from that, you can use gel to hold your hair in place. 

Short Coils

If you have kinky and coily hair, then this hairstyle is for you. Here, you can style your hair in such a way that it helps bring texture to them. 

In the End

These are some of the trendy hairstyles that you can try to give yourself a treat with a new look. Find the best barber shop near you and tell them about your requirements. Get a style that suits you. 

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