5 Different Ways to Show Gratitude to A Grant Funder

Grant Funder

You have won the grant funding from your last grant proposal. Now, it is time to move forward and continue the program to impact your community, and you want to pass your gratitude to your funder. How do you go about it? Is there a specific way to do it after receiving government grants? What if the funder does not want any recognition? Importantly, you can recognize your funder also at the middle or end of the project. You can do it in various ways and throughout the grant process. Below are five methods to show your gratitude and recognize the funder. 

  • Thank you card or letter 

Thank you letters and cards are the easiest ways to thank someone. Most people appreciate them, and using a heartfelt card or letter to do so ensures your funders know you are grateful for the investment they made to your project or program. Once you receive word of the award, write your card or letter as you move through the project, plan to do more. You can do a card to thank the funder but have the participants sign it. In this way, the funder will know they made a difference. You can also send through email, but a card or letter you write yourself is better and a gesture most people do not use, yet it feels intentional.  

  • Video 

Another great way to be thankful for the funder is through video to let them know that their investment makes a difference. A video can take more effort and time. But it is an effective tool. As long as it is a short video, the funders will love it as it is not an often thing they receive. Notably, videos that are longer than three minutes are too compelling and start feeling long. Watch how other grant awardees use videos to say thank you for ideas.

  • Use social media

Using social media is another approach. Some of the platforms you can use include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others. You can write a short note of appreciation or make a post with the staff and participants for all to see. Remember, most of these funders have social media platforms. So you can include their handles or address. Once you share this and add these handles, you get their attention. Plus, in this way, more people can see your post.

  • Send a personal invitation 

You can also use this approach if you want the funder to understand you, your organization, and the participants through them experiencing it firsthand. Find the opportunity to invite the funder for a short visit and use this time to offer your gratitude. Therefore, send a personal invitation for the grand opening. Take them around the premises and allow them to sit in the program as it runs. In this way, they meet the people from the society, and they can completely understand how helpful their investment supports the community. Also, prepare your participants and staff in advance to share their thank you messages once they confirm coming. 

  • Phone calls

It may seem like a lost art to pick the phone up and speak to someone offering them gratitude. However, through a verbal thank you, you can express your gratitude too. In this way, your funder gets to hear your expression and tone. Plus, a phone call allows you to grow your relationship further with the funder as it is a two-way form of communication. If the funder appreciates phone calls to emails, consider using the same way to communicate about outcomes reached and milestones achieved. This will show you want them involved and are serious about the investment they offer.

To sum up, the above are some ways to be thankful for your funder. You can also use annual reports and impact reports as a way to show progress and thank you. Saying thank you is vital and the right thing to do. Thus, find creative ways to show gratitude, and it is a way to make your relationship better. Take various opportunities to say thank you and be thoughtful and genuine doing it.